Constitutional Sufferings of Indian Punjab since 1946 !

The constituent Assembly constituted on September 2, 1946. Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha was made the first President (temporary chairman) of the Constituent Assembly when it met on December 9, 1946. Pandit Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the President of the Constituent Assembly, and would later become the first President of India. The constituent Assembly performed as Provisional Parliament of India. The constituent Assembly had initially 389 members but on separate formation of constituent Assembly for Pakistan on 16th July 1947, the number for Indian Constituent Assembly stood reduced to 299 (229+70). Thus the SIKH POLITICS despite having lost on 2nd, Sept 1946 by not getting in any of the chairmanship for committees, kept on talking seeking -begging powers, security for SIKHS etc, which happened to virtually an attempt to mislead or be fool common SIKH DIASPORA allowing them to nurse the idea for being considered one of the three constituents, claiming share in Governance post 1947.

B) The Sikhs as a matter of fact stood deceived – ditched in Sept 1946 and constituent assembly deliberated for 2 yrs, 11 months 17 days but the Sikh representatives did not found occasion to decide, except for the last day when they had formally lost every thing on behalf of community. The symbolic protest by Sikhs taken as hurt by majority Hindus of other India who were never party to the sacrifices given by SIKH Diaspora neither came forward to protect the Pride of significant martyred class of Northern part of the country.

India later unconsciously & intentionally developed policy to display distrust in Sikh diaspora to deprive them even from equal basic opportunities with other states. The Sikhs could have disassociated at the very beginning in 1946 or latest in September 1946 & community loss may have been reduced. The Sikhs consider themselves being faith children of Guru Gobind Singh. His significant disciple Baba Banda Singh Bahadur following foot steps of his Guru refused to compromise on basic principles, otherwise he or our Gurus may also have positioned to Kingship in the history like others. None of them feared death for them, family or relatives like politically constructed values between 1940 – 2014 in most of us. 

C) The following names for 11 Committees members itself (2nd Sept 1946) had a loud & clear message for Sikhs but Sikh leadership failed to appropriately respond to the requirements or managed them for listing of personal gains or politically proven weakest representatives for SIKHS, although situation has not changed much for the present times. Dr B.R. Ambedkar became the Chairman for Constitution Drafting Committee, Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Chairman for three committees: Union Powers Committee, Union Constitution Committee, and States Committee. PtRajendra Prasad also for three committees : Committee on the Rules of Procedure, Steering Committee, Finance and Staff Committee, Ad hoc Committee on the National Flag. Vallabhbhai Patel: Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights, Minorities and Tribal and Excluded Areas.H.C. Mookherjee on Minorities Sub-Committee. J.B. Kripalani on Fundamental Rights Sub-Committee, Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar: Credential Committee. B. Pattabhi Sitaramayya: House Committee. K.M. Munsi Order of Business Committee. G.V. Mavalankar Committee on the Functions of the Constituent Assembly. Gopinath Bardoloi for North-East Frontier Tribal Areas and Assam Exluded & Partially Excluded Areas Sub-Committee. A.V. Thakkar: Excluded and Partially Excluded Areas (Other than those in Assam) Sub-Committee.

D) The refusal on signing the constitution by (only) two Sikh representatives of Shiromani Akali Dal, S. Hukam Singh and S. Bhupinder Singh Mann, opposing the adoption of the constitution was a meaning less exercise, rather contributed for foundation for distrust in future relationship for Sikh minority with majority numbers. They were to protest on formation of the committees or dissociated from the very beginning, political pressures by remaining out of constituent Assembly may have allowed the development of alternative methods seeking safety, security, growth opportunities for SIKHS. The Value allowing just TWO SIKH representatives in a house of 299 was biggest blunder reflecting non seriousness by the then Sikh leadership. The constitution to be prepared by others was to be implemented by the absolute majority by Hindus & friendly Muslim community to them in the shape of Pakistan.

E) Mr Jinnah, representing Muslim brotherhood, despite not accepted as religious leader for Muslim world of that times & without going to jail for a single day, engineered separate country for his community courtesy politics played by British Christianity displaying closeness to Muslim by using Hindu diaspora.The Sikh leadership respecting views for leaders from Hindi belt ,Delhi-U.P., Gujarat, Bengal etc of India got Sikh community sacrificed with share above 75%, confronting British with gift for loosing lacks of fertile agriculture land & other assets to become homeless. British had become reasonable towards Sikh population after world war but why, how the Sikhs got on the ‘Burning Train for limited Freedom’ targeting exit of British without making their own political agenda, baffled every one. The Sikh community even now goes in for agitations with honest purpose but end up allowing their own programme hijacked, bringing home negative results from Delhi Empire. The Sikh ordinarily live as open book way of life but fail to gauge or check mate, conspicuous mindset of New India & Hindi land for the country. They fail to identify who in their team is working for direct objectives of Delhi Durbar compromising on assured personal gains .The following, Human Loss for the period of struggles is just one indicator on negative performance chart for the Sikh leaderships having worked on agenda for others:

All Communities Sikhs Percentage
Prison term over 1-year 2,125 1,550 75%
Deported 2,646 2,147 80%
Death Sentence 127 92 80%
Indian National Army 20,000 12,000 60%

F) Despite above listed weaknesses for being simplicity in Sikh way of life, who end up getting used for the realization of GOALS for others, has a wonderful unique strength in the principals given by Guru Sahibs .They are blessed by Guru Sahibs to confront successfully every challenge encountered in Journey of Life subject to belief in natural, honest principals, respecting every human life on the earth. The principals given by founding father Guru Nanak Sahib & following GURU Sahibs, brought out personality for Sikh brotherhood on GLOBAL PLATFORM. Historically, 3 human races in the world displayed exceptional courage to die confronting humanely injustice .The Muslim faith being the oldest among them happened to be on top in this category with largest self motivated followers with natural urge for offensive sacrifice, willing to reach for their respected ‘Prophet-Allha ‘or in heavens to their own definition. The next in this category are the ‘JEWS’ who remain highly motivated, trained to act on small notice to attend targeted duties with precision for realization of the assigned Missions., defending – protecting religious identity with territory country-ISRAEL. The third categories in this line are ‘THE SIKHS’ who also consider being a blessing of Waheguru for any kind of martyrdom – sacrifice on the name & wishes of Gurus. They accept every kind of sufferings, how inhuman it may be, to have been for the wish of ‘Akalpurakh- Waheguru,’ in welfare of the community & humanity. But sufferings for non focused new action programmes may have to be seen in benefit to SIKH community or not before the leadership jump to declare war on behalf of community.

G)The Sikh Ethos, in comparative terms on above all, stand on highest pedestal, in merit of their war affairs, confronting injustice with Bravery known to the world over, otherwise, overlooked by its own co operative management of India. The history has been witness to the principles practiced by ‘the Sikhs’ who never hurt pride of women, neither killed children or old people of even for enemy countries during national war fares but our own India & its people, claimed to be belonging to Veda – Rigveda did not spare any one during’ June & November 1984′ Sikh massacres. They constitutionally matched or in some cases surpassed even tough benchmarks of cruelty created by foreign Muslim invaders to India.