Evident Injustice & biased Media approach on Punjab

A) The virus for working on parochial influences unfortunately appears to have affected many judicial (functional) workings, like that of other Government institutions in the capital , otherwise similar prompt action, like that of unfortunate incidence 16th December 2012 for rape –death of a single young girl in New Delhi, representing majority community, may also been taken for the 1984 murders , rapes, massacre of a minority, the faces of conspirators may long been declared & punished through judicial inquiries & probes carried by MARWAH -1984, MISRA- 1985, DHILLON 1985, KAPUR-MITTAL-1987, JAIN BANERJEE -1987, AHOOJA 1987,POTTI -ROSHA -1990, JAIN- AGGARWAL- 1990, NARULA -1993, NANAVATI COMMISSION -2000 -2005. The Commissions -Committees formed but the actions remain un implemented and subject inhumanly dragged for the last 29 years.The new information emerged that Delhi Police under Congress leadership violated Police rule book desiring postmortem for killed in Nov 1984 massacres . But they did not do so but lorried the dead for out skirts of Delhi and burnt them without maintaining records for them.

B) It is altogether a different matter that Indian public is not conscious for the basic defects in basic constitution, its real S.O.P contributing for such a scenario for non delivery of JUSTICE. The Indian national Emblem has phrase inscribed on it reflecting basic spirit of our constitution ‘Satayam Jaytev ‘meaning Truth will win –prevail ‘It may have been possible if the constituent members allowed system to be developed to achieve the such results .The system developed do not have compatibility with the statement inscribed because it happens be fully evidence based decisions & procedures desired to be followed are not angling delivery for Justice neither to uncover truth!

C) It is known that Punjab suffered tremendously with unrecoverable physical, moral, psychological losses in June & November 1984 MASSACRES, the incidence of holocaust and on above continued to be referred as ‘RIOTS’ with mischief of majority community using Media owned by them, protecting conspirators by planting favorable technical words to save those who directly –indirectly functioned for unforgettable actions, damaging fiber of humanity.

D) Punjab may not ordinarily endorse acts of violence but they get confused referring case like Srd Rajoana who in legal terms not that guilty to be awarded capital (death) punishment ,he was not at the scene of the crime, neither any recovery made etc but circumstantial evidence (unprecedented) appeared to have been considered sufficient basis ,then, how the collective conscious of Hon’ble judiciary justify themselves not giving similar punishments to the direct –indirect actors for November 1984 massacre, rape cases. Similarly the Hon’ble Supreme court of India having taken different POSITION for investigations for alleged killing by C.B.I./I.B. in Gujarat then the one taken in the similar case for killing of Mr Multani son of an I.A.S. officer in Chandigarh.

E) The day to day happenings may allow common citizen to find VALUE in statement of a legal luminary ,’The courts in U.K. are ,’COURT OF JUSTICE,’ the courts in U.S.A. are to uphold ‘RULE OF LAW’, and courts in India ‘COURT OF RECORDS’ providing full discretion to Hon’ble court for adjudication and decisions as per their own time frame with unwritten – unlimited liberal discretion adding weight age to prevalent political environment in decision making, hurting though inadvertently, the members of all minorities such as Muslims, Sikhs, Christians of the country, using liberal humanly choice to link cases with numerous decided cases as on date on records of the court. The new procedure book may have to be prepared to realize dream fulfilled for basic statement inscribed on seal for Government of India.

F) Indian constitution book on Law apparatus is primarily for court adjudications by finding comparative higher merit in evidence. Interestingly the pleaders are got sworn on the name of GOD- ALLAH-WAEHGURU- LORD etc (Not sworn on the name of their children/family to bring out true picture ) for the truthful disclosures before Hon’ble court. The judiciary sitting on the chair are not authorized to decide cases brought before them with inner conscious call ,guided by above GODS .The criminality act, a step ahead of natural conditions of defenders seeking justice, who fails in a set up when the decisions are to be based on evidence alone? A lot depend on procedures adopted by system operators that what ,how much, when, when not to bring in evidence getting justice /injustice /conviction/freedom or benefits to the party or individuals on motivated anchoring by power occupants.The influence of money /important people got capabilities to anchor delays to the extent of life for one generation & values for the next automatically may be changed ,loosing sight of the original targets .This is one of the greatness in new India 1947 make for us!

G) The anchors on behalf of majority community population failed about one dozen commissions/committees constituted to establish/confirm the legal charge for publicly committed crime against SIKH families during November 1984. In order to suppress agitating Sikhs, seeking recognition to their Sikh identity, the system took life of a large number civilian Sikhs. The research on Punjab suggested that the state agencies were created vigilant outfits in order to infiltrate the Sikh radical movement to generate a climate of moral revulsion by engineering heinous crimes which they then attributed to armed Sikh groups. Indian Supreme Court admitted at least 2091 illegal cremations were carried by state actors at just three cremation grounds during 1990s in Punjab. Human Rights activist, Srd Khalra, projected that at least 25,000 Sikh civilians were neutralized and cremated as unclaimed or unidentified dead bodies by formal & informal state actors. But, Indian media never talked about these mis-deeds of the state. The system operators may not be realizing the future automatic consequences over marginalizing the in built strength of its own people, particularly for significant part of its society, who contributed to the extent of merging their national identity with them for the establishment of a new country, may result in an expensive act on turn of natural law.

H) The Media having earlier been looked upon by common folk to be working for them but they are not yet aware that most of the Media Group owners adopted business models similar to the one referred for other financial investments by corporate houses. They release/telecast information scoop to unclothe individuals on selective basis such as: what to be released or not, who to be targeted or not, which leader is to be supported or not on considerations or for mutual growth etc. The day to day unfortunate stories printed or shown on sufferings for common people are for to maintain front face, economical prepositions are got catered from different route by pooling in interest to help each other. Punjab, therefore could not get its inside brought out in genuine way & Media controlled by money rich politicians of Delhi, also contributed to the sufferings, used events for being sale values.

I)Punjab in the meantime may take time to recover from losses suffered during dark days 1980-90. The media, including print media, especially local regional papers continue justifying unfavorable conduct of Delhi towards Punjab. The recent views of a expert on ‘Economics on Farming’, Mr Swaminathan S.A. Aiyar, found more faults with the state & its people on behest of New Delhi, violating basic principles of its founder late Srd Majithia known to be nationalistic but was for a healthy, prosperous Punjab . Thus, despite discriminating approach of Delhi, the majority population of Punjab ,’THE SIKHS’ continue daily ARDAS (Community prayers for Global welfare ) from hundreds of religious places to almighty for ” SARBAT DA BHALLA – WELFARE OF EVERY ONE’ but correspondingly reciprocal good vibration from system operators & natives of other Indian states, have not been seen, except for the period for national crises in 1947 & war times 1962,1965,1971,reflecting degree of their selfishness towards PUNJAB. Thus it appears that the SIKH MISSION inherited from Guru Sahibans  being practiced through daily prayers seeking GLOBAL welfare of humanity is not getting digested by a group of EXPANSIONIST INDIAN MINDS, to be watched for self defense !