Delhi Fort questionable politics with Punjab v/s neighbors states.

Let us view the above in the light of general perception from the commentaries made on Punjab in the corridors power at New DELHI that “Punjab is a rich state “ and advice them not to compete with states like H.P.,J&K, Haryana which are backward ,non developed ,where the level of unemployment is quite high ,the statements given are without linkage to the actual official data on records.

India is confused that why Punjab state fail to learn lessons taught to them in the past 66 years and they should not dream to compare themselves with Hill & other states, who incidentally,3 neighbor states are Hindu majority states & Delhi is much close to them for having common GODS- DIETIS but Punjab don’t fully qualify now for that, although continue sharing common Heritage. Yes ,therefore, Indian Punjab is not found eligible to compare with any states of India despite all other states may have got their own economical advantage – disadvantages & so are the states like Haryana getting qualified to claim regularly direct benefits for their nearness to the capital of the country.

B) The recent history for most Hindi speaking leaders at New Delhi conveys that they worked on directions given by A-B-C & relatives guiding to engineer, the brutal killing for “November 1984 Sikh Genocide”. The states of Delhi, U.P., Uttrakhand, Haryana, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh proved most unsafe for Sikh settlements. The Hindu leaders from these states were earlier most active to poison Punjab with concept for option on HINDI language, playing politics to down Punjab.

The non Hindi speaking states of India, despite not having much common language, cultural ties with Punjab, appears to have made efforts to minimize human loss for Sikhs. The political actions of leaders from Hindi land fail to display, they having any regrets for their past role on hurting ,destabilizing Punjab pre & post 1947 .The three major minorities of India may have to look in for common safeguards for future confrontations with bigger challenges in the coming times on Indian soil between have –have not from the platform of the majority Hindi speaking cadres .The trailer 1984,when repeated with a new design, may put every one, financially better of on tight spot running for personal safety, on slightest triggering, involving religious emotions.