Architects for new Nations v/s India.

A) The Chairman Mao Zedong proclaimed the establishment of the People’s Republic in 1949, thus contributed for building new China from 1949 to date. Mr Lennon played similar role for Russia which broke down recently. The French Revolution and Napoleon played significant role during 1789–1815 for present France. Adolph Hitler did similar act controlling German till failure in World war later division in two countries. Abraham Lincon anchored for democracy in U.S.A. & a large number ruling Muslim Gulf countries .Most of these had one Father addressed as Abraham (Ibrahim) race, a variety of individual languages, similarity or common food habits, cultural affinity with connectivity to common values with each member province which gave life to the continuity for management of different geographical countries once founded by revolution or a dictator / powerful group in a particular situation.It is a continues process and all the countries or nations look in for new relationship with each other in accordance to respective strength of their country in the background of self economic resource ability .

B) India had been part of colonial estate for British, cleverest Christianity group in developed countries .They governed mix race of communities who had been physically different from each other ,wearing different dress codes, eating different food ,believing different GOD /GODLESS,speaking different language, nursing different values towards life than Punjab. There were known a few cultures identified during history for last immediate 1000 years: Hyderabad, Bengal, Maratha, Punjabi, Rajasthan. It is without disrespect to other civilizations such as located in Eastern,Western,Southern part of India but those were all conducting their life in a different way than Punjabi culture. British correctly valued strength of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and therefore managed arrangements during first ever meeting held at Ropar (Rupnagar)  avoiding interference in respective subjects & areas under their controls on that date.

C)British after demise of Maharaja Ranjit Singh activated their AGENDA for controls over Punjab. They had already cultivated sources by assuring them dividend by supporting cause of British .The Prime Minister for Maharaja Ranjit Singh was brought on pay roll for British much prior to the death of Ranjit Singh. The British having been facilitated for victory not in the field of WAR but due to treacherous role played by Jammu based Pandit brothers who enjoyed full respect & privileges during the Governance by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

D) British after annexation of Punjab functioned to neutralize SIKH Army ,warrior memories of the faith, wished Punjab people to take them away from Good Governance values impact left by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.They brought multi programmes to encounter them for ultimate controls over people. One of the methods adopted was to create divisions among people on religious lines. They encouraged every religious group to come forward criticizing each other who had been silent all the years even during Mughal invasions to Punjab & India .Sikhs at later stage found useful for war affairs & they preferred them in Army but majority in Police was preferred from Muslim faith for their own strategic reasons. How much advance planning they make can be gauged by the fact that much before 1947 they stared banking upon a lady Edwina, later who brought forward as wife of last British Governor General for India, Mr Mountbatten.

E) Miss Edivina (Mountbatten) along with Pandit Jawahar Lal, Mr M.Ali Jinnah studied together in England. She became close friend & carried on relationship catering both in different time schedules .She was reported to have been taken in confidence by British system Operators & made her to work for welfare of British thrown. She although for public consumption/display married to Mountbatten who did not sleep for a single night with her being husband & wife .She is alleged to have worked for the directions of British ,misusing personal relationship cultivated with both : future Prime Minister of India & future President for new country Pakistan. Some of the British officers understood straight forwardness /honesty in the conduct of Sikh way of life and displayed concern over activities shaping up for future to the loss of Sikh diaspora.They attempted to caution some of the representatives of SIKHS who failed & failed the community by & large .The recent history surfaced has created environment that Sh M.D.K.C.Gandhi (Gujarat Bania ), Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru (U.P.), Patel (Gujarat ) together hijacked system giving promises not to be fulfilled by them for Sikhs & Punjab .

F) One school of thought expressed by a historian was that the inside conscious fighting with self for them on defensive – offensive guilt over major suicidal cheating done to Punjab made them more aggressive for damage to finish levels if possible by Delhi.It is the grace of almighty who had been coming to defend them (Sikhs –Punjab)in one role or the other that it is surviving. Gen Harbaksh Singh while his posting in Punjab during war 1965 was ordered by the than Chief of Army, Gen Chaudhary to retreat to BEAS River leaving population in between to their fate. His inner conscious logic was that Delhi has already given away birth place for the founder of Sikh way of life ‘NANKANA SAHIB’ to Pakistan & now Amritsar is being lost to other country. The Army deployed in Punjab with active moral & logistic support for the Marshal Chief of Air Force Srd Arjun ingh native for district Amritsar decided to fight back protecting international borders till death ignoring orders for retreat. He along with other Sikh General posted incidentally in PUNJAB such as fought successfully in protection of Mahjha geographical area. The Hindu settlers of Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Ferozepur & other affected one were being assured space in Delhi & around but the SIKHS may not have been able to stand again on loss of DARBAR sahib, Amritsar.

G)Most of the leaders in other India at one point of time agreed to teach lessons to Punjab particularly the Sikhs by remaining silent on actions by Nehru to Mr Rajiv Gandhi. Punjab needs to understand that no one is going to be helpful to them. They have to stop playing card for politics of other states. Punjabis should take own independent POSITION, avoiding to get on the wagon of either party permanently for CONGRESS or B.J.P. Both have common approach towards all religious minorities and now SIKHS are also not exception after lessons learnt in 1984. The Christianity under British never collectively displayed arrogance or vengeance towards another community to the extent getting them eliminated in barbaric way registered in June/ Nov 1984 in India for Sikh Genocide.

H)It was only comparable to Mughal periods when price on heads identified as SIKHS was fixed .Yes there is solitary reference in history with semblance to Nov 1984 ,i.e. when Adolf Hitler punished Jews killing them in chambers in thousands at one go .The Sikhs need not to be worried but may have to remain for any type of eventuality taking shape in furtherance to bench marks established by India. Oral & written history has been brought together educative knowledge to FUTURE Sikh generations for taking appropriate POSITIONS deemed fit to survive honorably. Good Luck with grace of Sufi Nanak saint for Muslims, Angel for SIKHS & continuity for Challenge 1499 to out lived many a Banain – Brahaminal  IDOL worship ideologist to move with scientific times.