Exploitative test Challenges to Punjabiat on their patience.

Historically, Punjab stood with common man, facilitating fulfillment of their basic life necessities, supporting natural aspirations ,may it be during ‘Guru Sahib” period, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur times, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Era or participation for the Exit of British Empire ,they not only stood with people but lead them from front to met all requirements of TIMES .The internal Emergency by Mrs Gandhi was not on Punjab alone but the SIKHS protested as if whole responsibility for democratic liberation for the countrymen lies on them alone.
Therefore, the decision by Sikh leadership has not proved to be in the interest of either for Punjab or Sikhs having antagonized Mrs Gandhi beyond corrections. They were left to defend alone when rest of India distanced themselves from agitations for Emergencies. Most of states also unfortunately kept away from desired help to Punjab when state was made to go through crises between 1980 – 1995.The state was divided on internal caste systems on the old divisive seeds sown by Pandit Daya Nand and most were trapped in competitive politics played in the hands of Delhi, resulting in for the prolonged sufferings of people.

B) The Sikh philosophy successfully brought humanity on one platform defending natural rights of living in their own way. Many without caste creed like Pandit Daya Nand, Pandit Viveka Nand Dutta, M.C.K.C.Gandhi, V.B.Patel, J.L.Nehru etc allegedly provoked Hindus in Punjab through few politically identified leaderships. They got connected under their (U.P./Bengal/Bihar/Bombay) influence to divide Punjabis for political benefits. The individual Media owner/ Industrialist managed benefits from New Delhi. The seeds on separatism brought from other states through New Delhi were not otherwise allowed to take permanent roots in Punjab despite SIKHS were desired to renew loyalty affidavits for Hinduism in New India.

C) The role model duties of a GURSIKH ,defined by actual living examples by Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh were carried out in an un precedent –unparallel ways in world history till date ,when Sikhs got physically hurt ,price fixed on their heads ,families tortured ,eliminated by arrogant ruling class for political –religious reasons. The Sikhs in follow up to uphold settled traditions did all in defense & protection for natural pride of common people of the land when they were being forced to convert to the religion of invaders.