Historically Punjab – India mirrored in past world war conflicts.

World War II, 1939-1945, was the largest armed conflict in human history, ranging over six continents and all the world’s oceans, the war caused an estimated 50 million military and civilian deaths, including those of 6 million Jews. Global in scale and in its repercussions, World War II created a new world at home and abroad. Among its major results was the beginning of the nuclear era.

B) The historians wrote millions of volumes on How & why World War –II took place. The most important CAUSE among them has not been underlined by significant leaders which has been due to Fuel of Egoism –hatred with others for being superiors from their race and nations !The conditions for those times not valued in spiritual sense on EGO – PRIDE for being only powerful in the world. The reasons for roots of World War II, which eventually pitted Germany, Japan, and Italy (the Axis) against the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union (the Allies), lay in the militaristic ideologies and expansionist policies of Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan. India being colony of British was part of Allies fighting against team of Axis.

C) The team known as ‘the Axis’ had Adolf Hitler – Nazi dictator of Germany, General Hideki Tojo – Prime minister of Japan, Benito Mussolini, was the prime minister of Italy & known as ‘the Allies’ against them were; American President Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill prime minister of Great Britain, Joseph Stalin known to be a brutal Communist dictator of Russia. The victims countries were; France when Edouard Daladier was prime minister ,King Zog of Albania, King George II of the politically unstable Greece ,King Leopold III of Belgium, Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, King Haakon VII of Norway, Edward Smigly-Rydz, the military dictator of Poland, Dr. Edvard Benes, president of Czechoslovakia, King Christian X of Denmark. The countries addressed to be Allies and Neutrals happen to be; South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, China, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Ethiopia, Finland, Sweden., Thailand, Iran, Philippines, Yugoslavia. No one is there to claim who defeated, which country or race, all gone away from the stage of the world and society for running time will also quit on completion for respective life journeys to sanctioned time by the Almighty

D)Despite human loss over World War I –II, the God has been extra nice to the citizens of other countries known in category of developed one. The natives of these countries are part of better society with minimum human, known as bad individuals, whereas, India, despite, having largest category of God -Dietis , has produced much less good people with largest part of society touching to lowest level ,being rotten kind of status.

E) The conditions for citizens get displayed during the world Olympic results, reflected physical picture of us ,being on bottom line and human ethics -ideology traits got recently displayed for our approach in :June-November 1984 Sikh episodes , Bombay burning 1992-93, Graham S. Staines incident Jan 1999,,Godhra train event 2002. The Indian Saichan border land taken over by a neighbor by Army smartness ,when retrieved after sacrifices by soldiers ,told to India as ‘Victory ‘etc. also came up with an interesting slogan by saying ‘India is shining’, never disclosed how, on which sphere ,but kept up one sided marketing ,not willing to accept, where post 1947 Indian conduct has brought us in the eyes of the world! Sikh Diaspora initially got positioned against atrocities of foreign Muslim invaders, then confronted British & later got brutally hurt from own heritage relationships, addressed as Hindus who pretended to be their own brotherhood/race. How they (SIKHS) are to position themselves now (post 1984) considering GLOBAL prospective, in an eventuality for interfaith religious – political crises in India, is a very Big QUESTION mark before them,but not yet attended !

F) Indian Hindi belt in specific, who believes in idol worship reported to have played special role triggering actions for cleansing between Muslim and Non Muslim in Punjab, exclusively for their own advantage. The Punjabis are defenders/fighters without much difference between Sikh/non Sikhs soldiers but are weak and not clever / smart enough to understand the mechanism when get emotionally exploited by society of other Indian cultural forces, on reference to common belief over sharing concepts for similar IDOL worship norms.They are taken away with emotional blackmail . Mr Patel in line for such exploitation, initially was not against Punjab but later, the trio leadership developed cold feet for Punjab in each respect .India mourn killing for Mr Gandhi ,one of the leaders in freedom struggles , who was also party to the loss for so many ,but the politics could make ‘Zero’ person to ‘Hero’ & vise a versa, thus put sacrifices by lacks under the unknown clouds in the history.

G) They intentionally buried the topic making MEMORIALS for the loss of 7 – 10 Lacs innocent for both sides of the border when majority belonged to undivided Punjab. The Punjab States had moral duty to take up the pending cause to construct a befitting FLAME kind of Memorial TOWER between Punjab Assembly & High court complex in remembrance & respect to the lost innocents of all Punjabi family members for the Sikhs, Non Sikhs, and Muslims in association of neighbor country to bring peace at least at this stage. The Punjabi Hindu diaspora playing in the divisive policy of other India since the days of Pandit Daya Nand, may not be able to stand at their own feet, despite having direct gain preposition for bringing peace to borders of Punjab .What we Indians are in actual true sense and what we show case by hiding, is otherwise better known to the world then we not be knowing while living there.

H) The 15 new countries came out from USSR (Russia ), originally inhabited by Muslim or Christian faith believers who were least aware on Hindu or Sikh religious details. Russia is reported to have developed belief that the Sikh race is pro capitalist & thus in favor of America. Russia otherwise do not appear to have direct reasons to be acting against the interests of a small minority of the Globe, except giving direct advice to their friend occupying Prime ministerial chair for India during attack on Shri Darbar Sahib in June 1984 and paid price for such an advice.

I) Therefore ,on review for the historical happenings, the advantage for INDIA are larger on solving the difficulties including special economic support in rehabilitation of the systems for Punjab, solution for remunerative – sustainability of state agriculture, re energizing the Youth with better education, better employment opportunities, restoration of health care facilities in the background of the fact, unless they intend to allow the spirits of Punjab civilization to further DIE in principle, INDIA may end up loosing own DEFENDERS, standing on INTERNATIONAL GATES, earlier use to get leveled by INVADERS reaching DELHI prior to befitting actions by Sikh General, Sardar Hari SIngh Nalua under leadership of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

J) India, as a matter of fact should support PUNJAB, being its right arm ,who are trying best to move forward along with its subjects from shocks of recent history, getting back all on the’ original Journey – Path’ laid by Guru Arjun Dev ,Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib, unless chance missed by DELHI allowing, rebirth for Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Shahid Udham Singh for the political stage of Punjab with innovations.

K) Let us INTROSPECT & allow ourselves to look in for new POSITIONING as a Parent/ Teacher/ Preacher /Citizen/ Student/ Worker/ Executive/ Professionals: Introspecting reasons of our self existence in present shape of life ,believing some role was assigned by almighty ‘GOD’ .It may not be limited to principals of ‘self life’ for a good conduct but the surroundings also may have to be supported to be cleaned, trusting in human values, through intelligent choice of ballot box in the first available opportunity. The Young generations may also find relevance in you being a ROLE MODEL for the better conduct of society. Despite the fact that the population of the world is estimated to be 450 Crores. Out of this population, 200 Crores of people are atheists. No God is able to convert the non-believer as a believers. The faith believers for majority religion in PUNJAB, may introspect searching answer on OWN LIFE JOURNEY, helping coming generations for ETHICAL BEST POSITIONING for CONDUCT?