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Unintentional -Intentional violations are different than for a THEFT & are not qualified as just violation under categories for SIKH MARYADAA?

Ethically Sensitive controversy appeared in public domain for the operative process of the management for Historic Gurudwara Patna Sahib. Memorial was originally serviced during rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The former appointee Jathedar for the Takht was desired playing a special role as one of the five co advisory member Sikh Institution for the welfare […]

Precious lives get LOST while on the Way

Precious lives get LOST while on the way to or return Journies from respective faith religious institutions, despite having taken blessings of living & none living Guru level identities. Present case, when one of riches in India get lost and in line there had been losses of many Precious lives while going -Coming from Mandir/ […]

Punjab awaits Modi’s healing touch to its wounded economy- 1st Anniversary

A concerned Punjabi’s voice MEDIA will keep INDIA busy for some time, deliberating one personality-Mr MODI, the P.M. who is operating like a Presidential kind of Governance. The MEDIA, in last about three decades, has successfully positioned to be principal anchor on moderating public opinion on Government performance. The owners of business Media in turn […]

Legal System needs Honest Restructuring……… India

Wake up Call for Society: Mould young generations to the path of positivism History of India conveys that the countries which came to India for TRADE, were such as Portuguese, the Danes, the Dutch, the French but only the British succeeded. Owing to luxuries and weak military position of the Mughal Raj, the British won in […]

Urgent need to end British Model of DIVIDE and RULE Policies….?

Wake up Call for reviving glorious Indian Traditions based on Unity of Mankind An eminent Punjabi columnist personality, Mr Kuldip Nayar, wrote a column in Tribune-April 2015, “The resolve of composite culture lovers is weakening. Religion is having the upper hand. Both the Kashmiri Pandits and Punjabi Hindus have no future. The valley is claimed […]

? Punjab Assembly’s resolution on Kamagata Maru Incident

Komagata Maru v/s Chittisinghpura-Annatnag-J&K v/s 1984 MASSACRES POLITICS could go to any length & breadth for personal-Political advantage, exploiting PUBLIC EMOTIONS. PUNJAB ASSEMBLY on closing day of budget session- March 2015 introduced bill in Punjab Assembly. The RESOLUTION was unanimously passed on Wednesday, seeking an apology from Canadian Government for not allowing a ship ‘Komagata […]

Four Banned organisations of Sikh Diaspora: Hurting & defaming SIKH community..!

TIME…for limiting role of POLICING & removal of mystical spots of POLITICS British India encountered few internal/external insurgency problems but had limited set of challenges during colonial rule of first two centuries. They in later part of their rule (mis) used full might to neutralize many a democratic public platforms, such as Kamagatamaru, Kuka Movement, […]


It was a God gifted opportunity for submission of a Memorandum on 13th May 2010 on behalf of P.H.E. Foundation to the Hon’ble Chief Minister Punjab. The presentation of a Memorandum was in continuity to earlier IDEA generations for developments of Baba Banda Singh Victory & Martyrdom Memorial at Chappar Zhiri. The Appeal contained 6 […]

THE “MARTYR” hanged on Jan 11, 1915 for the “CAUSE OF IMMIGRANTS” forgotten?

THE “MARTYR” hanged on Jan 11, 1915 for the “CAUSE OF IMMIGRANTS” forgotten at the “PARVASI -BHARTI DIVAS “at   GANDHINAGAR –GUJARAT?  The Committee under the chairmanship of Mr L. M. Singhvi M.P. (Cong) along-with other political members; Mr R.L. Bhatia, Mr B. Aggarwal, Mr J.C. Sharma & Mr J.R. Hiremath suggested the “Pravasi Bharatiya Divas” celebrations… on 9th January, to mark the […]

AWARD believed NOBLE in the eyes of rich countries -engineering FREEDOM to CHILD…..(ISH) LABOUR-

FREEDOM to CHILD…..(ISH) LABOUR- PICTURED has multiple dimensions on Bharti Governance ?   India born Mr Kailash Sharma , (who along with a Pakistani activist) , was awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize for 2014”. He struggled against the “suppression” of the “right of the children to the education”. Satyarthi is the fifth Nobel Prize winner of India , ……   he completed his degree […]

IMMERSION OF CORPSE of the “MAHA-PURKH” into the water- IDEA not practiced by the Guru Sahibs

IMMERSION OF CORPSE of the “MAHA-PURKH” into the water- IDEA not practiced by the Guru Sahibs– DERAS allowed experimentation against the “settled basic traditions”–Competitive “Political fear psychosis” providing “advantage” SANT  SAMAJ….Introspective SGPC participation    The pious soul of Sikh Guru Sahiban when left humanely bodies for the .. heavenly abode, were all cremated in continuity of the prevalent traditions with exception […]

“ANTI-SIKH 84 RIOTS”….in reality “GENOCIDAL-MASSACRE” ….confirmed in 2014!

SENSITIVE JOURNEY of “Nomenclature distortions” in between Indian tactics…. “ANTI-SIKH 84 RIOTS“….in reality “GENOCIDAL-MASSACRE” .…confirmed in 2014!  Indian Union Home Minister, while handing over a part of the financial relief to the 1984 Sikh victim families, conveyed that 1984 “Anti -SIKH RIOTS” were in fact….”SIKH GENOCIDE”.  The Media accordingly carried “Political expressions” “obediently” …. in most of the […]

Explosive Challenges of “YOGIC BABA – DERA ASHRAM” Cultures

Dangerous clouding of Politics on Modern Commercialized Spiritualism? The public crowding in DERAS -ASHRAMS –COURTS-HOSPITALS speaks on the challenges being encountered by the Indian community. Politics of the last four decades functioned for the “ADVANTAGE TODAY” policies, than to formulating sustainable futuristic foundation for collective betterment of the community. In the meantime, Politics & Media […]