Positioning CJI as Kerala Governor becomes a debatable issue !

Precedents are always created, seems justification of Modi Government
QUESTION for Ethical Morality on positioning now or future retired constitutional eminent, like C.J.I. for the state or Country to Raj Bhawans & on other statuary responsibilities may be answered connecting Vedic knowledge & philosophy reinvented on Lord Rama & Lord Krishna!
Kerala state swore in former C.J.I. of India, A native of Tamil Nadu to the office of State Governor. The appointment invited debate on legal, political & public platforms on propriety for giving gubernatorial assignments to such a senior retired personality. He happens to be the first C.J.I. of India to be appointed to the post which is technically lower in warrant of precedence to the C.J.I. He justified appointment with expression,” I can utilize my service to the people of the state in a better way compared to other politicians”. The point of view contested by few that such philanthropic ideas are achievable through many other post retirement positions available in REFORMIST JUDICIAL PYRAMID.

Most of India happens to be an amalgamation for a variety of languages, cultures, values etc. The debate on judiciousness invited political leaders, eminent intellectuals, academicians but majority opposed such appointments. The former C.J.I. in present case was alleged to have been positioned for his favorable intellect serviced in past B.J.P. legal challenges which were brought before his bench. The mirrors for bench mark on honesty may continue to vary from place to place, race to race, state to state in India. Thus definitions on dishonesty take liberty & advantage of circumstances along with influence for actors involved in them. The Indian PLATFORM OF POLITICS has in last 70 years displayed different meanings and also conflicting colors for happenings.

Advocates who are future Judges, professionally sworn in providing assistance to the COURT FOR JUSTICE to litigants. The professional lessons learnt by them from their seniors include part of fee taken and disclosed for I.T. declarations. Indian states originally known to be non invaders but innovative Arab youth representing none development land locations, facing shortage of resources in their home towns got together to loot rich Indian state countries.

The war events resulted in mix values & ways of life between 1500- 1900 AD. The religious consciousness brought reforms in Punjab between 1500 – 1700 but other India reinvented them between 1850 – 1950. The platforms for reforms representing Bombay- Bengal & U.P. innovated links to Vedic time Epics for Lord Rama projection as an obedient son of parents. They also legitimatized advice of Lord Krishna given to Pandav Prince Arjuna for historic Kurukshetra war epic with his brothers & relatives.

The topic above for selection to guber….natorial assignment believed by many to be out of conventional line, but is desired to be seen through lenses of reinvented ideologies who took over the charge for India 2014. We all are aware that India for chapters on HONESTY at personal, community & institutional levels is considered almost on bottom position in the world. The honesty bench marks established for Sikh rule or British times also stood eroded greatly. Therefore, search on purity in HONESTY in KALYUG BHARAT i.e. INDIA appears to be rarest commodity to be found. Public by & large considers 90% society including legal fraternities to be just partially ethical or honest. The realities of society cannot be ignored, an individual is either HONEST OR DISHONEST and there is no middle PATH. Hence the INDIAN REPUBLIC is genuinely JUDGMENTAL believing majority system operators work in collaboration with political apparatus targeting their family richness. We may be in the profession for legal service being an advocate, doctor, officer, employee or a politician. Let us talk on one common disease hiding our actual earnings for Income Tax report, but don’t consider ourselves dishonest. Our Law officers are sworn to conduct in honest methodologies but they lend their intellect for money to guide society on how to hide income or protect criminality from punishment but all of us shift blame to society being unethical.

Judgeship – junior, seniors or superior emerge from nursery of Advocates who initially provide professional consultancy to clients in Government, business, service class and charge certain sum on account of their intellect services. A large number of them fail to disconnect old clients on appointments to constitutional positions. A legal luminary expressed that most of them get in tarp banking for post retirements or help for settlement of their children. It remains a difficult task to bring out evidence for bed room discussions or promises made on mutual welfare. A very few God fearing individuals consider age around 65 to be bonus life and display contentment on service retirement.
India being Bharat or Hindustan has as many bench marks to mirror society, Government or our own conduct. Recent IDEAS invented for Vedic Knowledge likely to be practiced for appreciation of ‘Lord Ram’ being obedient son of his parents and legitimatize war conflicts between political out fits of India on line with War affairs anchored between brothers and relatives connected to sermons of Lord Krishna in Mahabharata. Indian republic therefore may get confused day by day in identification for quality in ethical morality for decisions arrived at by G.O. India to have been connected with philosophy in Lord Rama or lessons by Lord Krishna ! WAHEGURU – PARMATMA-ALLAH- GOD may sail out Indian Republic to safer & better times than many a past unethical-dishonest leadership regimes. New Team Leader as of now has target to position personally loyalist to sensitive Constitutional positions or neutralize important State & Central entities before start for high speed Governance in 2015!

Kulwant Kaur Sandhu, Ex Member–Punjab Heritage & Education, Foundation, Chandigarh Email: gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.com Mob: 9876122122

Updated: September 14, 2014 — 3:34 pm