100 Days of Modi’s Governance: Efforts on for matching Thoughts with Actions !

Visionary Restructure of Law Statues for Country, a much needed initiative
Mr Narendra Damodardas Modi, born on 17 Sept.1950, having served as the C.M. of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014, took over as Principal Administrative Anchor ship, titled Prime Minister for India on 26th May 2014. He has now been in new office for the last 100 days and Media has replayed many recorded catchy declarations made by B.J.P. to influence elections -2014, such as; ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, Ache Din Aayenge or Many billions Black money to be retrieved within first hundred days. There had been hundreds of other promises made to the society, sale able to each state and their subjects from the platform of Politics. The unsatisfied Republic from price rise, inflation, law & order, unsolved international complexities with neighbor countries, corruptions etc unattended under Congress lead Governance, provided natural opportunity to new team brand leadership of Mr Modi.

Most TV Channels & Print Media brought out episodes with salt & pepper on 100 days for Modi brand of Governance. Mr Karan Thapar being one of the balanced Media mind brought out Mr Birla from FICCI, Mr Shekhar Gupta, Mrs. Kiran Bedi , Mr Gurcharan Dass ,Mr Kabir Bedi & a sociologist on T.V. anchoring qualitative deliverance report card of the Government. The participants displayed reasonable degree of satisfaction for navigation of Indian ship by Mr Modi in shallow sea waters. They noticed discipline introduced in party, quick decision maker, establishment of Industry requiring 60 clearances to be from one window, Labor law to be made growth friendly, action speed noticed and victory skills remarkable, vision on foreign policy particularly for neighborhood displayed clarity & firmness etc. The analysis is happening after policy paralysis of New Delhi for more than three years under Congress rule.

The defects found like; Media non briefing as per settled convention turns out to blackout, thus not a rated healthy way of Governance. One of them issued cautious warning that they all are watching and may contribute for critical responses on completion for one/two years tenure for Governance. The internal democracy restricted even on Minister Colleagues who got limited authorization to brief Media for their department and is an undemocratic way for rule. B.J.P. continue using communal card to polarize voting designs, identified other risk factor for longevity to India as democratic Socialistic platform. All these points addressed were on operative features of Policy frame work for present Modi’s India. The private Media Event Companies hired introduced a list of achievements with their own interpretations. The claims include “A Special Investigative Team”, headed by former Supreme Court Judge constituted to unearth illegal money, but the critics expressed that action has been on the advice of Judiciary and Government could have preferred going in for F.I.R. against suspects to bring out truth like other normal actions taken for small corruptions by petty officials. The procedure is likely to delay process allowing time to suspects moving away so called black money. India knows its committee cultures who in the end generally suggest formation of another committee for legal or constitutional reasons defeating result orientation.

The next performance disclosed is on “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana”. The scheme is technically linked for massive population for future direct cadre benefits in politics. The actual picture on Work for the ambitious “Diamond Quadrilateral rail network” connecting major metros across the country and facilitation for projects on ambitious “100 smart cities” may take time for ground results. The actions to “discipline bureaucracy” have been otherwise been felt to be in right direction if genuinely reconstructed & sincerely implemented. The Government is reportedly amending the A.I.S. (Conduct) Rules, 1968 for mandate guidelines on bureaucrats for their political neutrality, desiring facilitation for decisions on merit and in public interest. The “GDP growth” in April-June quarter claim to be the highest in the last nine quarters but the Government took over in the end of May & things did not change overnight in June. The cash (Black & white) flows in for elections by all parties contributed for growth, hence credit goes to all political parties.

Another major decision for “disbanding Planning Commission” itself is not great news unless they unfold automatic state benefits of new system. The experimentation “Bill to scrap the collegiums System” for appointment of Judges to Supreme Court and the High Court with established a six-member body for this job may have its own exploitative nature drawbacks risking safeguards for minorities, especially for tiny states like Punjab. The Government further wishes to “remove archaic rules and legislation” from the statute constitution. Most of them introduced for the colonial British rule and still in use in the present form of the country. Many obsolete laws reportedly hamper governance or create confusions & at times complicate legislation process. But these are yet to take shape and hence cannot be judged for judiciousness in them, therefore cannot be part of achievements for hundreds days, though may ring alarm bell for worries to minorities.

The P.M. during his visit to Nepal and Bhutan refocused common Hindu heritage as an instrument of current foreign policy. But contrarily gave strong message to Pakistan by calling off meeting process with them. The P.M. visit to Japan is projected to be important for Strategic and Global cooperation and is wished to shift the balance of power in Asia favoring India. The mix ethnicity of Indian cultures may bring certain dangers on tilt in projecting India being Hindu state allowing increase in threat perceptions larger than 9/11. India displayed special love for Nepal despite of them having come closer to china at the strategic cost of Indian Hindu relationship but we never blamed or protested Nepal for such unfriendly actions but generally bashed or criticized Muslim Pakistan knowing well that both of us do so for politics.

Punjab unfortunately has never been in preference list of Red Fort since independence. The state, despite having been kept on the list of abandoned state identity in one form or the other but failed to qualify for token reference in P.M. speeches during 100 days. The Cabinet Ministry given has reportedly less than 100 employees and new budget may bring some purposeful life in the Ministry. The portfolio in past for Food Processing has generally been an additional portfolio or to level for Minister of state. The P.M. further to hurt Punjab indirectly during political statements declared that he is not representing era of freedom struggles rather represents new Indian generation.

He in technical or practical sense expressed closer for Punjab chapters on martyrdom for which state has already been a biggest loser. Despite Punjab having been ignored in line with previous article brought before elections that “who so ever will come in power –state subjects may continue to be ignored” is visible. Red Fort is just doing what past regimes did but Mr Modi has succeeded to display his personal charisma having many identical leadership qualities in line for late L.B. Shastri.

Punjab has been food bowl of India and never begged despite having been sidelined since post British era with allocation for insignificant Ministries. It is a different matter that those who earlier represented Punjab in Delhi for comparative better Ministries also could not bring in any major growth oriented developmental activities in the state. Many of them may have returned back being personally rich, leaving state in same poorer conditions. Historians expressed genuine concern that Congress no doubt brought unforgettable – unpardonable miseries to Punjabis, particularly to Sikh Diaspora but the Bengal – Maratha – Gujarat- U.P. combined mind set for B.J.P. platform may inadvertently bring dangerous political games on blood soaked Land of Punjab by dividing common folk with new technique for benefits in Politics.

An interesting unnoticed part for the visit of P.M. is sharing of tea in an identical manner to that of a ceremonial toast ceremony. Most of the Europe and developed countries continue culture of British colonial rule by sharing Champagne (Wine) as ritual during state meetings. Wine is believed to be part of religious heritage for Christianity but sharing Tea by India – Japan conveys mutual faith in traditional Asian values. The overall public service deliveries for 100 days continue to carry individualistic Modi authority stamp. The P.M. may ultimately succeed in implementing public service facilities closely corresponding to HOPE created in the minds of INDIAN REPUBLIC. P.M.O. may have to display genuine honesty in decision making being on the chair of a ruler. The uses of religious missiles for selection in election politics from AAM PUBLIC, who are struggling for natural basics of Life, are desirable to be minimized if we wish to see birth COUNTRY TO BE A NATION. The management of public expectations and realities are desired to be closely monitored with sincerity of purpose by providing basics of life before final fight on the number for population increase /decrease in competitive religious methodologies are valued defeating purpose of PUNJAB –INDIA history of martyrdom.

Mrs Kulwant Kaur Sandhu , Ex Member – Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation ,Chandigarh Email: gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.com Mob: 9876122122

Updated: September 5, 2014 — 5:53 pm