Brief controls of Maratha on Punjab in 1758

Punjab once came under the rule of Maratha in 1758 for a brief period , who captured the region by defeating Afghan forces of Ahmad Shah Abdali. Abdali’s Indian invasion weakened the Maratha influence, but they could not manage or defeat the Sikhs. At the formation of the Dal Khalsa in 1748 at Amritsar, the Punjab had been divided into 36 areas and 12 separate Sikh principalities, called misl. From this point onward, the beginnings of a Punjabi Sikh Empire emerged. Out of the 36 areas, 22 were united by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The other 14 accepted British sovereignty. Ten years after death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the British succeeded in their master design to break up strength of Sikh Empire with divide & rule policy, initially applied to buy loyalty of eminent people (Dogras) of J&K & other Northern Hill states to take controls for Punjab. The Dogra Generals (Hari Singh, Gulab Singh, )representing present J&K territories serving under Maharaja Ranjit Singh were won over by British during his life time.The Dogras proved their (sample) loyalty for British (treachery towards Maharaja) by co conspiring to the loss of great General Hari Singh Naluwa in Kabul by not allowing brief to reach Maharaja Ranjit Singh for the attack on Kabul .The Sikh State of Punjab was the only Indian state which was not under European rule till that time.

Many in the than Akali Dal & Sikh leadership had one leg of politics having half or more relatives in Sikh & others in Hindu culture resulting in confused scenario.They further allegedly tried to create impression that Maharaja is not a devote Sikh who had so many queen wives etc .They failed to understand that being a preacher for a religion is different profile than to be known as King /Emperor. Patiala House may have had liberties in conduct of their own personal life style which is not suppose be carried on instructions of a common man ideology.Every ruler has its own fundamentals & Sikh diaspora also took Pride in referring that so & so has been a Sikh king known all over the world.They fail to talk much about extra marital life or Sexual life desires in Pandit Nehru or in Sh M.C.K.C.Gandhi who having slept naked many a times with his girl children relatives to test his body fundamental ?What a hypocritical in our culture of new India .