Punjab resource exploitation increased for post British Era.

The elders for Punjab allowed their territories to be used for different set of experiments for invaders: weather they were internal or external ,religious or economics, territorial or otherwise & surroundings have developed it as a matter of their inheriting right to play with our system without value to fabric of our common culture ,emotional bounds with co language people like partitioned in 1947 between East & West Punjab & further West Punjab in THREE + ONE sore point Chandigarh territories between two brothers: Punjab & Haryana for political interests to fiddle with playing one another against each for advancement of personal economic interference of other India based – Controlled from New Delhi.
E)The services of Sardar Manmohan Singh stood engaged by New Delhi for being Chief Executive for India on initiative of top Congress leadership who had their own difficulties in journey to occupy top seat at their own but found saintly economist for advancement of their interests. He is unfortunately brought under criticism by many Punjabi Diaspora considering Governance performance but they inadvertently forget to recall that they in Punjab may not have got such a long sigh of relief for overall communal harmony environment, had there been some one else believing in old political designs made exclusively for Sikhs in Punjab. The coming generations were called upon by Sardar Manmohan Singh during his visit for an Event organized by Tribune in Chandigarh,”Children be given GOOD HEALTH, EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE for FUTURE honorable survivals .India has great potential in producing QUALITY PROFESSIONALS to help the world Diaspora, let us grab new opportunity in new CHALLENGE for better human development & growth for coming generations.
F) Let us all learn & share knowledge on recent history especially for the period of New light given by Guru Nanak Sahib to GURU Gobind Singh Sahib for ‘WELFARE OF EVERY ONE ‘ with modifications to protect self first than to burn (fingers) self in the fight of others on principle of humanity .If you are strong at state, community levels then country may be strong but when you continue to be poorer ,may fail on all fronts putting coming generations to further difficult hours. All those who came from GUJARAT, MARATHA LAND, BENGAL had their own personal ,religious, economic AGENDAS but misused EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT OF PUNJABIS by saying Bale Bale, AVOID TRAPS now for survival of coming generations & stand on its own feet than to be surrendering to A or B group. Sikhs, Punjab stood facing CHALLENGES on land borders at their own & Bengal – Gujarat cultures continued to enjoy their life without much role till Guru Nanak with his followers had awakened masses to stand against foreign Arab invaders. Now the time is to check mate internal invaders misusing past history for individual benefits referring VEDA – A Samaj slogans for advancement of their political agendas