Human Life influenced with Historical Ideas & Events.

The Roman Kingdoms initially enjoyed headship for religious matters along with Authority for kingship. The historical (1813 BC- 1638 BC) encounter by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) with the then King Nimrod, over his jurisdiction not on religious subjects and limited to be on other Humanly GOVERNANCE, thus first challenge on limiting his scope for navigation in spiritualism. The conflict for settling relationship for superiority between ‘Human chair of Governance’ and ‘Seat of Spirituality’ has been on since then & yet to be fully settled on the GLOBE.

B) The spiritual leaders smartly encourage people to shuttle their mind between better QUALITY Life for this birth time or in next life, the position being suitable to the leaders in religion management & their actions facilitated for over dose on the doctrine: illusions for next better kind of birth in family or salvation by creating fear going to ‘HELL’ for horrible punishment & not ‘HEAVENS ‘. The occupants for Governing seat enjoy best when largest part of society is put on high dose for ‘RELIGIOUS OPIUM ‘so as to enjoy state resources for their exclusive advantage. The teachings by Guru Nanak Sahib have been to live HONEST way of life, respecting law of nature ,help those addressed as (economically) weaker section of the society by sharing –pooling of wealth for their better life & not to wait or target only for next life or salvation !

C) The Governance by Royalty replaced by cooperative basis in many of the countries of the world authorizing for collective Governance methods, TITLED as rule by Democracy. The majority human number select their representative to manage them .The written Indian constitutional book states that majority will rule the country and it happens to be for believers in ‘Hindu way of life ’ ,who seek blessings of God through ‘Idol’ worship in India, the game, the fathers of Indian constitution prepared for present formation in 1947.The Sikh Diaspora failed to read message for them when only 2 Sikh representing Akalis, 4 from others including Congress were taken as members for constituent assembly against total numbers for 299, the community had lost by that time being not made chairman for a single constituent committee.
D) The actions by Guru Gobind Singh while giving formal visible identity to the Sikhs of Guru Nanak was inline with spirits and advancement of natural principals founded by 1st GURU & not expected to be seen independently for a separate – detached identity or practice for only rules declared on 1699.The basic of GURU NANAK sahib ‘Awal allha noor upaya ,Kudrat ke sab bande, Ek noor the sabh jagh upjia ,Kaun bhale ,kaun mande ‘get on front seat for practice. Guru Gobind Sahib taught on how to protect while practicing the teachings for founding faith of Guru Nanak Sahib.