Maharaja Duleep Singh forced on adoption for Christianity

Maharaja Duleep Singh while under protection of British Queen, was alleged to have been converted to Christianity in his childhood. But upon reuniting with his mother during his adult years, he reconverted back to Sikhism, he then also petitioned the Crown to have his kingdom returned with no results. He never received any justice or the respect he deserved. It is an interesting situation that British were pioneer for protecting the rights of childhood on foreign Indian land advocating against child marriage but did criminal Act, forcing Maharaja Duleep Singh, to being a child to adopt Christianity, hence it was not adoption but forced one or projected as such by British writers of those times, being faithful servants to Queen.

Maharaja Dalip Singh died in 1893, in Paris, when he was in France, when he had three sons. The eldest Prince Victor was born on 10 July 1866, followed by Prince Frederick in 1868, and then Prince Albert Edward Alexander Dalip Singh (died at the age of thirteen), who was born on 20 August 1879.Princess Catherine was born on 27 October 1871, and was named Catherine Hilda Dalip Singh.