Political Leadership colors in past – present.

The Sikh leadership in past believed ,” Main Maran – Panth Jivee” I may die but Community must survive” Now practice is MAIN TE MERA KHANDANI PARIVAR JIVEH , PANTH OR PUBLIC MAY FACE EXTINCTION”

Public believe that majority Congress diaspora & a large part of Akali leaderships in post British Era compromised welfare measures for the state over personal welfare benefits.  Punjab may not have gone down to present position unless let down by fractured sincerity of respective leaderships. The Congress diaspora representing Punjab from 1975 on wards failed to stand to help avoiding PUNJAB CRISES. They remained divided on behest of Red Fort politics in lust for competitive politics to occupy chairs for Governance.

They never came forward in collective team like leaders of other states defending the rights for the respective states. They mostly carried away by New Delhi with planted stories that Mr /Ms so has met so & became very close to so & so senior Congress high command leader in Delhi. Similarly a group of Akali Dal use to rush for New Delhi to be close to Atal Ji & other rushed to be close to Advani Ji & another batch to catch Khurana ji in the race for personal political benefits compromising inbuilt SIKH PRIDE blessed by Waheguru. Most of them representing Punjab compromised dignity – Pride to be exploited by divide & rule inherited policy from British. The family of Bibi Parkash Kaur, Minister for Health in the team of Sardar Kairon was reluctant to be Minister till forced to take up responsibility.

Baba Kharak Singh was proposed in an informal meeting of SGPC to be replaced by Sardar Teja Singh Samundri as President for S.A.D. But Late Sh Samundri while addressing members of S.G.P.C. conveyed that when you have trust in me & so I have trust in Baba Kharak Singh Ji, hence allow him to continue serving the community. Now times for the chair is not limited to be a responsibility but turned out to be chair for political powerlessness either for Gurdawara Management or for other chapters of politics.