Ethical priorities for propagating genuine Secularism needs focus of media!

Nazaria -36Article Posted on : 2014-04-21
Punjab’s Unending Journey of Blows & Brunt since 1947.

Republic daily come across a plethora of articles & hear live debates on visual Media; searching answer to misconceived question for secular India contents Vis a visa democratic conduct. The so called experts, most of them being a spent force, having spent youthful energies in family orientations & rarely any one among them stood up in defense for human right fundamentals but allowed anchoring sermons to new generations. A legendary member of Sikh heritage SAMUNDRI family for Majha spoke on loss for ETHICS in society post 1947 times. He shared event stories of BRITISH JUSTICE systems & posts Governance failures by native politics. Delhi is made to bleed by majority M.P.’s of larger states for Loot or hijackings economic by leaving state like Punjab cry like an orphaned child. The developments in India highlighted also shaped in other countries of the world with exception for our immediate neighborhood. The spokes persons for 2nd major political party wishing now to be first major party displayed reluctance talking on past exploitation when Indian Politics created & enjoyed quota Raj in favor of BIRLA –BAJAJ- TATA by non permission to other industries desiring to enter India for productions of materials for common consumer reach.

The past political leaderships collectively used to cry on top of their voice stating that there is foreign hand in the Punjab 1950 – 1990 agitations & dramatized theatrical lessons hurting common folk under painted illusions of protecting geographical shape for the country. The similar voice is now emerging from new team slogan shouts,” HAM DESH KO MITNE NAHI DENGEH”, emitting direct message in between that they in line of past political cult will continue neutralizing more humans on the name of saving land borders, which in reality may have lost relevance in terms of economics for India not now dependent as an agrarian country. The displays of arrogance are despite the fact that significant minority i.e. SIKHS daily hold prayers in thousands of Gurudwaras in the world for welfare of GLOBAL HUMANITY which includes; Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians & all others races. They do so in follow up for the MANIFESTO enshrined in their Holy Sikh body, Shri Guru Granth Sahib.


The election season is inviting attention to past history and brings out motivated write-ups with goal oriented emotional appeals. One of the articles brought on 18th April from Jallandhar, on Vaisakhi, composed by Mr Balbir Punj draws attention on narrations for role of Guru Gobind Singh to Banda Singh Bahadur who fought to restore Pride for natives of the than Punjab nation. The R.S.S. or B.J.P. preaching subjects often omit references to the times for Justice Deliverance systems of Maharaja RANJIT SINGH, when not a single human dared to cross limits for criminality to be awarded capital punishment. Anyway, unfortunately the mischievous nature contents on neighbor country indicating them to be rouge & trouble shooter for many Indian ills have also been inserted intelligently in the article. The writer expressed that the ideologies of Guru Nanak Sahib holds relevance even today along with desirability for reappearance of matching leaderships as of Guru Gobind Singh & Banda Singh Bahadur. He further mentioned significance of Guru Arjan Dev ji for Guru Granth Sahib. Such admissions on Universal truth are not without selfish political objectives. They forget to mention gratitude that position for respectful Sikh identity & stoppage of conversions realized on heaviest cost in the world with martyrdom for lacks of its believers. Most writers also remain silent on tragedies behind birth of India over loss of a million innocent precious lives. India of NEHRU-GANDHI-PATEL combine was directly responsible for loss to Punjab & Bengal & partially to U.P. New generation political out fits may one day Form a SIT to formally fix responsibility for division of country resulting in human tragedies 1947 including the loss of properties worth billions to both sides of the country. Identification on major responsibilities for those being active or silent parties to the historic loss by suggesting punishment for corrections in history may put India finally to sustainable peace & opening future developmental path. The concept of Secularism introduced was an essential safeguard for the three major minorities; Sikhs, Muslim, Christianity & not desirable to be mixed with fundamentals of democracy.


The secular features now debated are limited for discussions by mixing with academic values on democracy for comparative importance. Media fails to admit that the real democracy succeeds only when there is equality of opportunities before law with co citizens & between states. The Indian Parliament has provision for 543 members in Lower House. Punjab stood is fooled in post British era, now with representation for only 13 representative members of mix society. The end results are for normally half numbers sit on opposition benches & other with parties of ruling combinations. The cries Punjab state of affairs electing 4 to 7 M.P.’s for ruling alliance can be judged for their limitations in elephant size house of 543.The publicity slogan of India being largest democracy in the world, when linked to above reality for applications, further being pushed systematically for abdication of secular spirit, speaks for inside dark shades. A thin savior film sheet of secularism unfortunately is not being digested by newly emerged Hindu consciousness and being pushed to chopping board by criticism, seeking dilutions for window provided in the Indian constitution.


The confusions therefore being created by reference of Secularism with that of democracy happens to be WAR CRY OF POLITICS & new product of majority community MIND SET. India in reality is combination of so many countries for the variety of different cultures, languages, habits, ethos, traits, Food options, and heritage but under compulsions being on one platform, nursing wishful thoughts that India one day turns to be a good NATION from present reality of a country. The WAR on minds in past era use to be settled with SWORD & physical superiority taking away land of other countries. The war within minds stood replaced by intellectual visions of Pandit Nehru, Pandit Rajindra Prashad, Mr Patel & Sh M.D.K.C Gandhi to retain political power by vote cultures under sham quality contents of democracy detailed above for new country. The psychological war affairs under leadership for Mr Modi are moving steadily to achieve Mission to settle past psychological & physical hurt of largest numbers. They day dream expectations for reemergence of matching leaderships of Banda Bahadur to confront neighborhood country appears to be inappropriate in the sense that accountability on loss to original Punjab for 70 years remain pending in the eyes & ears of ALMIGHTY. Majority natives of other India forgot to connect or seek pardon for their conduct in recent history for 1947 to 1999, having ditched their savior protectors. The natural spirit crushed under their dishonest designs allowed loss of faith in Hindu consciousness platform of old Congress & now in B.J.P. Sikh Diaspora may prefer independent position than to be siding with either religious platform in the event of conflict.
Media owned & managed by majority community are sincerely working to position identified leader to top post for 2014 results. They incidentally are not anchoring enough on loss for IDEOLOGICAL ETHICS & ETHOS but talking only for pilferage of currency corruptions. British ruled major Global territories based on firmness for application of ETHIC in Human & Resource Management and were successful on GOVERNANCE all the times. Mr Churchill, the P.M. for U.K. during world war II displayed gratitude for SIKH community when said that,” it has been for the sacrifice & martyrdom of 85,000 Sikh soldiers that U.K. has been able to save the CROWN. The Hindu Mahasabha modified to Jan Sangh & now B.J.P. of R.S.S front forgot the gratitude too early by standing with Nehru to Mrs Indira Gandhi to Mr Rajiv during SIKH IDENTITY CRISES. India is growing, developing & so are other countries but the frequency and speed for FLOODS causing EROSION OF ETHICAL IDEOLOGIES to gain temporary human life comforts & achievements may destroy left out sensitive nature fabric of Indian unity much sooner than earlier for the continuity of circumstances above. Media not finding commercial economics on anchoring subjects above may realize but when got very late, counting cash gains without audience or sponsorship for many long times for rebuilding new countries based on ethical priorities for genuine Secularism & applications for equality based democratic functioning.
Nirmal Singh Keerka , Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122
Updated: August 8, 2014 — 10:02 am