On Gandhi jayanti -Difficulties encountered by PUNJAB !

Difficulties encountered by PUNJAB in identification for a single positive contribution for them by a step father of Punjab & father of other India, birthed on 2nd Oct?
The readers, especially Punjabis, who are simpler in future way of thinking process in life, fail to go out of box and continue life with philosophy, believing this or that is not my job or it is to be addressed by leaders in the community .They also remain evasive to own up sharing responsibilities towards building of society on certain ethics .Majority belong to this category, including the writer, sharing feelings but at quite a later stage of life, when not much can be contributed. But never the less, battle being on, may one jump on to play constructive role, subject to resource & time available with all of us.
The significance for the day i.e. the 2nd October is for being birth date for a gentleman of Gujarat Sriman Mohandas Karamchand allies Mahatma Gandhi .The psycho fancies do not end on an award for a title ‘Mahatma’ but further political manipulation in declaration for as ‘FATHER OF NATION’. Indian, itself is struggling to come out of the syndrome for just being a country with forceful amalgamation for a variety of different cultures, languages, ethics in one BOX with wishful thinking that it may turn out to be a NATION at some point of time .The 2nd Oct was declared as a national holiday with many other acts for false display of his contributions painted but are continued to be presented before India without fear of real exposure for facts brought on record in recent times.
Why Sriman Mohandass is to be remembered is not analytically looked seriously by anyone .Many dare to write that he is relevant today & fail to relies that do they want other left out divisions for the country like Punjab & Bengal in 1947.Let us take a clue for the continuity of congress culture from the recent protests made on display of picture for a Chief Minister on ‘108 Ambulances’ in Punjab .The Union Minister for Health recently inducted from Punjab with handful congress representatives called upon state to remove picture of Sardar Parkash Singh Badal. The logic advanced were that there is partial funding by central government for expenditures on Ambulance operations ,therefore the picture for state leaders should not be displayed .It is quite an enlightening preposition for Punjab who had been sleeping for a long time for overlooked their own privileges by New Delhi in each respect since 1947.
What a VISION and politics levels brought down by New Delhi that they do not consider the state Chief Minister belonging to other state party not loyal or a part of the country and only the CONGRESS production hold privilege to display icons declared for good reasons or otherwise but to be respected by everyone down the line like dictates given in ancient times by King or Queen .The question raised by CONGRESS over trivial issues must be got adjudicated in the court of civil public for liberties ,seeking clarification to unanswered QUESTIONS ,based on established evidence on record of the country to date ,such as ;
The real Father of family never dreams to take or allow decisions which could bring unrecoverable damage to them with carry on affect for a few generations. The family head, maybe He or She will go to any extent to stop such a decision, including risking life to save them. British had in principle decided quitting from many colonial states under them including India after World War II. There were agitations ,movements in this direction compelling them to move away from the than joint Indian territories .The youth of Punjab with guidance of their seniors contributed their lives for Independence to get chance for their own Governance in welfare of every common individual for caste –creed differentiation .They never wanted to lose their fertile land ,good houses ,inheritance for good co existence with all communities especially with Muslim brotherhood developed since the days for rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh .
It is well known fact that Sriman Gandhi ji became active part for division of Punjab on the basis of religion contributing for cleansing between Punjabi Muslim & Hindus – Sikhs at the cost of their own hidden designs to bring IDOLATORS on new platform .The Muslim and Sikhs fundamentally disassociated themselves for being a party to the practice of absolute faith in Idol worship but failed to gauge political drams being played and the STEP FATHER (Gandhi) got life of over 7 – 10 lacks & displacement of equal number during unheard largest ever migration of population happened in the world .Punjab has not been able to understand that how Sriman Gandhi ,who do not even qualify to be accepted to be step father for Punjab to be dealt with by them. Father of family protects its wards from likely – certain visible losses but in our present situation, he became not only party but allowed celebrations on 15th August 1947 over so many dead without their fault.
Punjab may continue to remember 2nd Oct for another injustice when further asked to appreciate him who got their women folk disrespected, raped, killed, displaced and now community captivated under new rule book of majority number with slogans for Democracy sold by majority numbers. Let us all in Punjab particularly thank & remember Gift of division & losses brought to them by this son of Gujarat, marketed & made famous as Mahatma or a Gandhi or both in one?
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation.
gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.co. Cell 9876122122
Updated: August 8, 2014 — 10:37 am