Reaction on Kahan Singh Pannu case Desirability… burial for unforgivable hurt to Punjab I.A.S. officer in Uttrakhand: Article Posted on : 2013-06-28

Reaction on Kahan Singh Pannu case

Desirability… burial for unforgivable hurt to Punjab I.A.S. officer in Uttrakhand

The INCIDENT referred above happens to be directly in the public domain which indicates development of unique, but unhealthy bench mark, for degradation of public morality standards & Gurus’ Sikhs are not now exception for such compromises. The recordings taken on mobile phone camera, uploaded on public network has not brought disrespect to the officer alone but resulted in disgrace to the Sikh community, along with avoidable embarrassment to the State Government. The incidence recorded otherwise speaks for uncivilized intentions of the operators. The topic has been actively gossiped in the corridors of system handlers. How the officer should have preferred to confront despite insufficient supportive response by other accompanying officers, failure of Punjab police security personnel not being noticed, silence of other security forces at site, delayed response by Punjab system operators ,insufficient role of Media when in need and action only after public outrage etc. The committee constituted of learned officers by Chief Minister, Punjab may throw REAL light on the TOPIC except the following:

A) Punjab state sent a senior, mature, reliable I.A.S. officer as leader to help people & Sikh community in specific for help for those going through crises. He, despite not being direct I.A.S. recruit officer, performed best considering ground realities. The retired senior I.A.S. lady officer, while in service, instructed her P.S. to bring Deputy Commissioners of Punjab on line for certain instructions & further told to convey her message to those who are promote to I.A.S. cadre. The I.A.S. Officers Union for Punjab also claimed to have been woken up by few non I.A.S/P.C.S. officers, reminding them for their duty to release statement on the incidence of their colleague. The British Heritage culture appears continuing to great extent rather more religiously then past years, must be readjusted to present requirements.

B) One of the comments was that the senior officer – State representative should not have accepted nonsense of the attacker group & displayed physical resistance to best of his strength, instead of obeying them for their continued humiliating actions. Yes, gentlemen kind of people, weather Sikh or non Sikh may have been in similar shock, getting in freeze mod, although Sikh principles states that neither hurt anyone without legitimate cause nor bear insult especially when at no fault, which could not be applied in present case. It may also be part of learning for every one for our future non-wishful encounters.

C) Next comment had been that after having a word with higher authorities, the officer should have lodged F.I.R. followed by other procedures but he being gentleman officer or other reasons preferred taking appropriate action in consultation with the Sr State functionaries. All though ,he may have opted to act in view of the gravity of circumstances in protection of the basic human PRIDE & RESPECT, this may be known after formal report by the SIT.

D) Punjab could have further taken additional advantage of Akali Dal party resource leaders & S.G.P.C. members especially available in Uttrakhand, U.P. by associating them with the committee of officers sent by Punjab state for ground coordination.

E) The Punjab Congress leadership is gradually shaping up their political role on this unfortunate incidence by directly linking up this to have taken place at the behest of a Malwa-based political personality. The reality may surface in coming days but one should not rule out, role of unhappy members of the trade unions for teaching community who may have been misused by A-B-C objectives .The basic benchmarks for the social ethics cultivated by PUNJAB after emergence of the ideology by Guru Nanak Sahib has been ignored by the alleged culprits. The miscreants, therefore has brought disrespect not only to their parents but also to the Sikh society.

F) The attackers failed to be conscious for the sanctity of place, environment of attack & officer is on which kind of duty at that particular time. The excuse referred that he having abused once appears lame one for implementation of the plan made at short noticed, to hurt him maximum with assured support for protection. Therefore, the damage may not be compensated by end number of apologies or highest degree of compassion displayed for the officer by different authorities or system operators of the state. The official GAP for non-instant response to emergency circumstances unfortunately does not reflect that all is well.

G) The investigations by SIT may help for awakening contents to reconstruct methodology for better FUTURE PLANNING & EXECUTION FOR CRISES MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS. S.G.P.C. must come up with model guidelines for the community on how low levels they are allowed to go for settling humanly arrogance remembering basic guidelines of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The non Akali–Sikh culture originally brought in by ruling parties from Delhi should not be allowed to plague SIKH VALUE CALENDER. Some of the recent actions displayed on Punjab soil call for holding (CHINTAN) self-introspection by all of us by relaying limits of tolerable nonsense on conflict. Media in the meantime is appealed to avoid further over playing for enhancement of their own viewership, using this unfortunate, unpleasant, uncivilized actions of misguided Sikh fraternity.
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122

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