Birth country for 330 million Gods struggling between choices for Myth & Science

Nazaria -18 Article Posted on : 2013-10-19
On Natural & Man Made onslaughts for STATES OF INDIA – 2013


Everyone on the Globe wish to carry on for the Traditional inheritance for the parental family ,clan ,community, city or for the state to best of their abilities & capacities but not yet sensitized for country, which is still in the process to qualify to be a NATION .British ruled major parts of the world for a long time & proved Lucky for a generic claim that the British Jack has not been under any other country .Substantial part for the British constitution regulates citizens by traditions & conventions settled over a period of time. English society otherwise believe in magical acts ,existence for evil spirits but do not compromise Scientific knowledge at their disposal through Research & Development of the country .Hence, Myth & Scientific application is with appropriate balance, leading to best health, economic & general status for the British citizens in comparison with others living in the world.


Most of the Indian states reflect different color, flavor ,ideology, human values ,cultural aesthetics, geographical conditions but get addressed, post 1947,but on papers, as Federal states of India .The new elephant baby shape country was in making from the beginning times of 1900, ultimately was to take birth around August 1948 but pressed for early ,premature birth with unfortunate bloodiest division for two important population states; like Punjab & Bengal .The Pandits with their VISION expressed their knowledge that the birth for the new country has not been during auspicious or good times, hence may continue facing numerous, manmade or natural crises throughout, particularly in the background of growing DISHONEST APPROACH by leaders for their natives, who may continue selfish role on the name for welfare to an exclusive constituency for family brand ,community tag ,state politics and without welfare agenda for everyone. The “Sarbatt Da Bhaala” agenda meaning “Welfare of every one” was originally advocated in 1499 by first Guru Nanak Dev Sahib, appealing Global Community to conduct life as such. His vision, for a variety of reasons blocked by zealousness of branded educated class, representing other India, who pushed Sanskrit & Vedic Agenda to mislead simple Punjabi folk on Sikh fundamentals.


The subsequent EVENTS shaped up with India -1947 are not seen with value to collective vision for old Myth in the light of Scientific innovations emerged in welfare for the humanity .The absolute (blind) faith for the conventional historical information on traditions must be re looked for improvements in the interest of humanity .India allows freedom to great extent for practice of traditions to everyone till it does not hurt others .When we are all part of one country ,we must come forward with healthy ideas for improvement in traditions for faith of each other .Guru Nanak Sahib with his wisdom commented on many old practices for the faith of Hindu, Muslim, Jainism etc inviting their attention to new knowledge for rationalization to their basic approach .Many are believed to have adopted new developments for better future of their religious practices without much counter questioning .
The time has reemerged, desiring attention of eminent leaders for the society, representing different faiths, to come together for introspection on respective religious practices. The scientific knowledge can be utilized bringing change in certain traditional rituals in place of blind follow ups, as of the Event shaped in FLOODING Mandir premises with 5.5 Lacks Kg of Ghee to the value for about 16 Crs, utilized in Vardayini Mataji Temple located in village of Rupal, district Gandhinagar of Gujarat in Oct 2013 .The preacher segment for every religion of the society ,generally do not wish to lose their followers, hence avoid sharing or endorsing new knowledge, fearing direct cash losses .It is well known that the human life journeyed through various styles for controls & Governance. The Ancient Kings use to be guide for religious fundamentals but later the priesthood grew to independent identity, diluting absolute Power for King/Queen, limiting domain to rules & procedures except religious matters. India , therefore must introspect the role of ‘Mother Nature’ in genuine prospectus in the light for recent & few simultaneous happenings in different states of India ,like :Uttrakhand ,Odissa – Andhra Pradesh ,Madhya Pradesh ,Gujarat ;


The Gods own state Uttarakhand went through unforgettable crises when Mother Nature displayed warning to humanity, raining heavily between 14 to 17 June 2013, leading to destruction of bridges and roads. About 1,00,000 pilgrims got standard, more than 5,700 people were “presumed dead.” including 934 local residents. Then ,Odisha & Andhra states Governments met different Challenge , “Cyclone Phailin Oct 2013” resulting in displacement for more than 8 Lakh .Another incident involving 5,00,000 pilgrims who flocked to the Ratangarh Mata Temple, located in the village of Ratangarh in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh ended with human tragedy. The stampede occurred, killing 115 people and injuring more than 110 , during the Navratri festival, dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Durga on Sunday, the 13th October 2013, when around 25,000 people were on the bridge.
The numerous other human difficulties shaped up on GODS own land like: on 27 February 2013 when Kolkata market in West Bengal, caught fire taking life of more than 19 people. The Bihar Floods during the month of July 2013 affected more than 5.9 million people in 3,768 villages in 20 districts with human loss 201. Assam floods by the end of June 2013 submerged 11 districts out of 27 in the state where more than one lakh people affected. The 2013 Canning riots took place between Bengali Hindus and Bengali Muslims in West Bengal on 21 February, 2013, Muslim mob allegedly burned down over 200 Hindu homes in the villages of Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladogra. The Maha Kumbh Mela February 2013 took place, the stampede broke out after a railing on a footbridge collapsed at the Allahabad railway station, and 36 people were killed by the crush of people.


Soliciting intervention of GOD : Let there be National interfaith statuary body, comprising non controversial but respected religious, political, social ,Industrial leaders for the society brought on one platform, introspecting, suspected good – bad activities for each other , not to downsize but to find areas of mutual understanding ( C.M.P.) in the welfare of all Indians, without discrimination for caste, language ,religion, statehood ,human color but without extra influence of foreign countries .There may be common prayer, evoking blessings of ALMIGHTY for inter community peace, Tranquility, Health, Growth for all living on Indian chapter. It may be seen as the beginning to end the suspicion – distrust among all of us. We may solicit co operation from border countries, addressing them un friendly but not enemies. The efforts above if failed, we may all collectively stop claim that we are living on the Land of GODS/GODDESS.
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122
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