Indian Media – Public Trial Succeeded in to play for Global gallery in context of ‘AARUSHI VERDICT’ declarations: ‘PARENTS KILLED HER’

Nazaria – 23 Article Posted on : 2013-11-27
Many aspects over parallel media probe and its outcomes in Aarushi Case

The Natives for Indian states journeyed through various historical conditions including the period for Tribal life but now addressed as past / present cultures, controlled by a variety of rules written in one common statue book in the form of Indian constitution. The judicial side of Indian Governance decides for the cases, primarily based on evidence brought before them .The PUBLIC consciousness at every point of time in the human history played significant role in structuring the pyramid of ethics for mutual safety for the society by restricting animal kind of actions otherwise naturally present in all of us. The theory of life & death has not been scientifically understood, though various religious authorities dwelled on this topic making society to carry on respective duties assigned by almighty in respective families & country as a whole. One of intellectuals who got birth in English society expressed life journey containing the following part in the couplet;

”All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.”― William Shakespeare
We read to hear for entertainment by such poetic thoughts but fail to see through the real message in them. There are a number of intellectuals who took birth in India .The world intellectuals if all put together, may not count higher number in terms of intellectual wealth, otherwise boxed in our particular statehood /language /community/religions for individualistic selfishness. Guru Nanak Sahib also conveyed views on social conditions but in a different way and much earlier than emergence for this poetic statement on ‘Reality of life’. The above poem has been a part of our educational curriculum during teachings for school in Punjab .Let us for a moment consider part of poem by linking to real dramatic plays of our life. Talwar family must have inherited certain family values & culture for conduct of their own life & grooming for their wards .It may have been different than formal written books by those claiming to be authorities on Law for the land .India need not forget that Talwar couple has lost their precious – dearest child in the process of event chronology and the system unfortunately has brought them for second punishment.
The Media has managed hype smartly to picture themselves as just ‘FRIENDS OF PUBLIC’ with the style of news prints for 26th Nov on late young child Aarushi Talwar. The Media by & large carried stories for ‘AARUSHI VERDICT’ on front pages along with coverage for memories for incidence on Mumbai 26/11 .India is otherwise known to be abnormally poor to anchor process for court verdicts, lacking in many areas for Management of JUSTICE. An eminent lawyer expressed that our judicial system frequently fumbles for being highly based on (constructed) evidence, hence regularly encounters critical public responses on verdicts linked to many unreported parts of happenings. All of us otherwise contributed for present ‘FACE OF INDIA’ on Judicial Management for appearance of a standard quote, ’JUSTICE ……..DELAYED…………. IS…. JUSTICE DENIED’.


India has reached a stage desiring review on decision making process for judicial side, selecting either exclusiveness to the spirits for presented evidence or statue to be modified with provision for individual preference developing decisions, but with TOTAL honesty in doing JUSTICE. The information in between may continue to bring a variety of unpalatable smoke in public domain, creating doubts for decisions taken under certain, created social pressures. Punjab accepted fate accomplice believing India, which is now working contrary to the stamped faith inputs of master architect Dr. Ambedkar. It has sub consciously been turned out to act as Bharat & Hindustan. The founder Chairman while constructing book of rules wished for level playing field, based on equality for human values to all, irrespective to number game for population politics, eliminating exploitation of every kind, including hype of any kind created with social pressures.


The MEDIA forgot to seek answer to collective murder for thousands of innocent members for SIKH families including children, women, and aged living in other parts of the country. The Media preferred to take up selective experimental cases for betterment of respective business, marketing of thoughts for higher viewer ship as displayed in the case for TALWAR parents. They were already grieved over loss of their daughter but pushed for second punishment. The none ANCHORING for JUSTICE in similar zeal for pending 1984 stage managed crimes show other DARKER side of Media, proving most of them not to be HONEST who continue to be evasive and talking for comparatively lighter subjects such as incidence for Mr Tejpal of Tehlka and reminding for legal actions against terrorist living beyond Indian borders but not QUESTIONING those living inside for the losses of 1984 to SIKH DIASPORA .The greatness for the country i.e. INDIA who wish to play best to GLOBAL ethical standards but end up being actions of BHARAT but in heart of heart remains HINDUSTAN, having sagacity absolving direct –indirect killers for loss for 1984 but do not wish to release TALWARS despite reported absence of direct evidence against them .GOD may bless our great country for its multiplicity in standards playing for world gallery ?


Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122
Updated: August 8, 2014 — 10:22 am