But in the EYES & EARS of ‘India that is Bharat’ Unable to qualify a single personality to the list of 43 Bharat Rattans?

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New Punjab- 67 years on Nov 1, 2013

But in the EYES & EARS of ‘India that is Bharat’ Unable to qualify a single personality to the list of 43 Bharat Rattans?  

An eminent & privileged son of India ,Mr G.K. Gandhi through an article titled ,’when patience turns to anger’ anchored revisit to past birth pangs related to our constitution. He shared a story behind preamble of our constitution, when being bricked but encountered voting test, known as Kamath’s amendment. Mr Amedakar’s formula suggesting “India that is Bharat“ won with 51 votes against 38 supporting “Bharat that is India”. The writer closed narration for conditions now, saying,” The scattered turbulence of Bharat’s frustration and Hindustan’s betrayal’s, adding up ultimately to India’s great Challenges.” The topic on the face of it appears to be an academic exercise than to be inviting opportunities for changes in ground realities for the country, we all inhabit today .The happenings take place so fast that certain articles of expression become instantaneously relevant for next head line news item produced by our country, like announcement by India for ‘BHARAT RATTAN’ award to a cricketer.


Mr Sachin Tendulkar, a young man, aged 40 has been bestowed with highest honour by Indian Government. The debate for & against on this award has appeared in print & visual media from the day of announcement .Most of such decisions by Governments in the world are not expected to be without controversies, debates in justification and discredits to the decision with reference to having ignored this & that field or personalities with debate points; who in actual did better in comparison to the declaration on hand after re evaluations etc.
Punjab invariably respond, sharing a different kind of pain in context of hurts brought out to them by rest of India and being treated only as resource (providing) state, meant to fight on borders or labour on agriculture fields for the country, after completion of PRINCIPAL TASK by them, deporting foreign tagged British ruling class. PUNJAB is otherwise synonymous to Sikh (majority) population but being a Punjabi, we develop interest in the current topics , introspecting painted poor side of Punjab, having not produced personalities to come up to the standards of ‘India’ or in reality ‘Bharat’ or ‘Hindustan’. They, mostly living tiny a state, despite performing better than largest states in support of India, continue to miss such symbolic honours before & post 1947 contributions.


Let us view contributions of a sports man being talked today in India .Mr Sachin, no doubt displayed extra ordinary qualities of a sports person, but performance primarily relates to the field of live entertainment for the duration of MATCH ( fixed & non fixed ) though performed different than recorded plays in the form of movies. The artists in Bombay also work very hard in preparations for entertainment of country folk. They like Mr Tendulkar earn money ,applause ,appreciations from public and in turn get love of admirers. There are so many who contributed by writing exceptional scripts, developed lyrics, composed music ,guided remarkable photography and ultimately produced Films which gets immensely admired by public. We on other public fronts produced so many real Hero’s leading to martyrdom contributions for building of India in the past for present form. Mr Tendulkar no doubt, deserves to be appreciated & applauded when he performs in cricket field, entertaining the citizens of common wealth, primarily natives for the countries who were earlier Governed by British society, thus may not in real sense ‘QUALIFY FOR THE TITLE BESTOWED’ to him. All this also appears to have happened in competitiveness of politics triggered between present ruling & future prospectus ruling political parties for 2014.He probably has already been given fame and financial richness by public, much more than his dreams being a cricketer.


Let us also look in the past history for such given awards. Majority of them, about 25 in number were primarily in Politics who made it to the list, followed by 6 from Music & Film industry, 2 from field of Science, 4 representing promotion in Education & Engineering line, 3 representing Social activist moments, 1 Economist, 1 from Industry & last now 1 representing one game i.e. cricket with total list for 43 .The 11 first awarded were Hindus & most of them belonged Brahmin class before 12th awarded to Sh. Zakir Hussain. There had been 5 Muslims, 5 women, one foreigner other than Sh Amartya Sen, Sh Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan& one or two representing schedule caste chapter, including Sh B. R. Ambedkar.


What a fate accomplice that Punjab with numerous documented records available with India, despite theft for valuable records on ‘Challenging Sikh history’ from Museum in Harmandir Sahib in 1984 is considered non entity for awards. The recent history on freedom struggles along with immediate past performance with long list of martyrdom, has continuously failed by rest of India for the token privilege for representation among their list of ‘Bharat Rattans’. The representatives for Sikh leadership, who are alleged to have functioned for stability, happiness & welfare of New Delhi at the cost of Sikh belief for compromising welfare for Punjabiat, also could not QUALIFY, like; Master Tara Singh Baba Kharak Singh ,Srd Sawarn Singh ,Srd Surjit Singh Majithia ,Srd Baldev Singh Dhumna ,Srd Hukam Singh , Giani Kartar Singh, Srd Partap Singh Kairon, Srd Gurdyal Singh Dhillon ,Srd Buta Sigh ,Giani Zail Singh, Srd Beant Singh ,Comrd Harkrishan Singh Surjeet, Srd Parkash Singh Badal etc. These are just a few who get confronted by a large segment of state population that they preferred to display their first belonging to New Delhi than to be performing through Punjab, unlike most of other state leaders in the country. Punjab is made to believe that it belongs to some other alien arrangements to be considered for perpetual service and not to be shared with the glorious Heritage struggles for India, who continue in practice believing ‘Bharat that is India’ contrary to the belief of Dr. Ambedkar Sahib.


Forgotten are Srd (Dr) Sir Sahib Singh Sokhey, doctor of medicine & professor, born Dec. 15, 1887, died Oct. 23, 1971, was an Indian public figure at GLOBAL level. He was Inventor for medicine for plague. He was given highest International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Nations in 1953. He was nominated member for first Rajya Sabha in India. There are many instances of India not having taken up genuine Indians for this award. For example the courage –bravery in civil life displayed by one Sh Dhyan Chand who  was born in Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh and represented Indian Hockey Team has been ignored. His performance may not be easily equalized by any of one. The final Hockey match in Berlin Olympics 1936 was watched by a crowd of more than 40,000 that included powerful German dictator, Adolf Hitler. India, representing British colony, won the Final match with the Gold medal by 8-1, of which 6 Goals were scored by Sh. Dhyan Chand. Dictator Hitler, left the stadium halfway through the match, as he could not bear to see his team lose. Sh.Dhyan Chand went to meet Hitler the subsequent morning. Hitler looked at the canvas shoes of Mr Dhyan Chand and inquired “what else you do, when not playing hockey?” the answer was that he is in Army in the rank of Lance Nayak. Hitler offered him to settle in German with a top rank in Army, similar to a Field Marshal. Dhyan Chand replied most humbly, meaning there by,’ I am fine there- in India, Sir’. How many today could play to win in similar environment and confront by declining desires being citizen of a colonial country. The list for alleged ungratefulness for the new country is very lengthy.
They forgot contributions of Maharaja of Patiala for Sir Yadavindera Singh, who was Chancellor of the Chamber of Princes during 1943-1944 and Pro- Chancellor, when British relinquished official charge of India in 1947.He at a special session declared that ” After centuries, time has come when India has gained independence from foreign rule and it’s the time when we all (princely states) should unite for our motherland ” and persuaded all of them to join the Indian Union. Further, how many can equal to soldier performance of Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh, who was honored with the rank of Marshal of the Indian Air Force. The Punjab list is so long that which may reach to RED FORT if written honestly.


The 43 awardees are not only respectable distinguished personalities but Punjab may have to continue adjust in a belief that none of their state residents will be allowed to qualify for Titled respect, despite their one sided LOVE FOR INDIA, which is in heart of heart a BHARAT. God knows best that how much blood of sacrifices is yet to be flown in Punjab for certification on sincerity before they QUALIFY for a token gesture in listing of a SIKH, most of who died for India without caring for exclusiveness of PUNJAB welfare. Punjab is otherwise not made up to beg or plead for man made TITLED honours. One gentleman, born in other undivided Punjab namely Sh Gulzarilal Nanda, who after partition established himself in Bombay – Gujarat, worked for family of Sh M.D.K.C. Gandhi and enjoyed privileges of Bharat, opposing PUNJABI /SIKH VALUE CULTURES and preferred cultivation of interest for other India and let down Punjab for their natural aspirations for growth.


Punjab, being either Congress or Akali Diaspora during GOVERNANCE has cultivated understanding on respective real place of VALUE in the eyes of Delhi, resulting in for ritual exercise in re endorsing leaders for AWARDS by BHARAT to such individuals like Sh. Atal Ji. These categories are believed to be better among other difficult ones for Punjab chapter. We in the process forget remembering our own heroes and limit their role to our own books of records or left to be in the poised knowledge of almighty records for PUNJAB. God may bless ‘India that is Bharat’ to display collective honesty in actual CONDUCT at some point of time, including legitimate honours earned by PUNJAB but denied?


Nirmal Singh Keerka , Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.co. Cell 9876122122
Updated: August 10, 2014 — 4:14 pm