Killing of 5 Indian Army Jawans on LoC & outstretched media role

Nazaria -8 Article Posted on: 2013-08-09

Killing of 5 Indian Army Jawans in unprovoked firing by Pak Army at LoC. Unfortunate Human loss over mutual mistrust between political leaders for India & Pakistan

It was reported from Srinagar/New Delhi: that In a provocative attack, a group of 20 heavily armed men led by Pakistani troops entered 450 meters into the Indian territory in the Poonch sector in Jammu and Kashmir in the wee hours on Tuesday 6th August and ambushed a patrol of Indian Army comprising of one Non-Commissioned Officer and five other ranks, close to the Line of Control in Poonch Sector of J&K early morning”, Defense spokesman, Jammu, SN Acharya said in an official statement.

The killing or death for anyone on the GLOBE is never a matter of celebrations but lot of us have developed tendencies to fall in TRAP for temporary joy in competitive loss to each other on individual /society/religious/country levels .It is not new neither there will be an easy end during our lifetimes. The killing for Indian ARMY soldiers alleged to have been an act of Pakistan Army or in the disguise of Army uniform.

One of our close relative having served Indian Army between 1960 -1975 narrated another similar incidence for the duration of his posting in one of the strategic locations in J&K .The Indian Army & Pakistan Army use to collect drinking water for respective units from one common source without any conflict in Rajauri –Poonch 1963-64. One day Indian Army group for 9-10 did not return and another party sent to search for them who found that all were AMBUSHED by Pakistan Army .The new group also came under heavy enemy fire but half of them managed to message back for ground conditions .Indian Army had great difficulty retrieving dead bodies of Indian soldiers using strong counter Gun firing cover for many hours forcing other side to hide themselves in their bunkers .They succeeded to retrieve dead bodies of soldiers.

When meeting on the conflict took place between two they failed to identify sustainable reasons for the attack except that it has been result of WAR IN THE MINDS OF soldiers of other side & there had been no formal orders or instructions from any responsible authority in their hierarchy .It is altogether a different matter that they may have EQUALIZED ACCOUNT at another occasion developed with their own strategy in ARMY STYLE !THE TIMES WERE DIFFERENT & so were the under standings by reading the loss in view of real local reasons & not discussed the way MEDIA HOLD OPEN PUBLIC TRIAL without being answerable for consequences on provocations to PEOPLE living on both sides ,may be least INTERESTED for creation of ritual WAR CRIES.

Democracy has brought so much INDEPENDENCE for individual conduct of Media institutions that they intent to sell their product best & many of us do enjoy the way EVENTS ARE ANCHORED, developing emotionally charged atmosphere, bringing in paid/unpaid so called experts from Army, political Diaspora from different parties who all got different independent AGENDAS to win over faith of respective vote banks.

No one get opportunity to CONDUCT the happening in the interest of Indian affairs, but jump on JUDGMENTAL ways bringing people of both countries on new conflict situations, despite so many WAR GAMES played at the behest of manufacturing Arms & Ammunition business houses in developed countries, especially when it is known fact that U.S.A. & RUSSIA got about 60% share in such sales for conventional Arms. India may need to put under check, the METHODOLOGY OF VISUAL PRESS FREEDOM with certain riders, associating one serving member of Government be a part of live interviews conducted by channels like NOW & others? It is difficult but not impossible for an Honest head of India, the respectable Prime Minister, Srd Manmohan Singh, may have to look in for INTROSPECTIVE APPROACH OVER SUCH FUTURE ENCOUNTERS, keeping in mind that human loss in Army has also one angle for RISK OF LIFE to be a part of a professional hazards, while joining Army anywhere in the world.

Punjab need not to jump on by using language spoken now by the states that do not have much experience like PUNJAB had in 1947,1962,1965,1971. Let such (unfortunate) human tragedies, although difficult to be digested by any Army of a country, be allowed to be settled in their ‘ARMY LANGUAGE RESPONSES’ on appropriate times by their ARMY BOSSES in location A-B-C-D! The Media & people may be brought in between only when times move towards seriousness at higher levels, hence may stop interfering -influencing local level actions shaping up daily ,one of above is a result for ‘WAR ON THEIR MINDS’ being on borders. Don’t bring people to people in conflict, spreading virus war scenes in their minds!
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122


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