Sikh Diaspora under threat Continued Exploitations for Sikh Diaspora by Gujarat-Nazaria -7 Article Posted on: 2013-08-02

Punjab has never got continued sigh of relief at any given time allowing them to live their normal way of life beyond e few years and New Delhi kept Punjab pot with direct or indirect actions boiling .India knowing well that they are hard working, honest dedicated to fight on borders for protections but not given enough space in the system to be comfortable despite personal life inputs used for survivals. The Sikhs unfortunately also carried illusions that they are partner in GOVERNANCE but failed to gauge that it is their personal belief but otherwise they are one of the HUMAN COMMODITIES at the disposal of system operators who use them as & when they fit in their scheme of programmes, including the appointment of a SIKH as a Prime Minister or Army Chief in the country.

It may be Tarai Area in Uttrakhand ,non permission to buy land in Punjab neighborhood states such as Himachal Pradesh ,Rajasthan ,Haryana but Punjab without any restrictions allow for the purchase of end quantity of land by any citizen of India .Punjab remained unfazed because BJP (Hindu) cadre for the state play double / tipple game with co citizens (SIKHS) of the state .Most of them know well that when they are in Delhi ,there is another psychological war for their supremacy controls which are managed by others & leaders of other states count values not by Sikh or Hindu but for being Punjabi non Punjabi culture & leaders of other India dominates controlling decision making .Punjabis fail to understand others for ground positions ,they may be representing for BJP , Congress or Akalies but are kept in Happy – Balle Balle culture without getting any tangible benefits for the people of the state. They all of course manage to carry on their individual agenda items for personal growth.

The approach of Gujarat displayed over agitations by Punjabi farmers need not to be seen in isolation for the above inner spirit of India towards all minorities including the SIKHS .The undersigned was incidentally present in MLA Hostel sector 4 ,Chandigarh in Jan 1997 when Srd Kuldeep Singh Wadala being persuaded by his 10-12 friendly political group members to retrace from the statement printed in news paper referring him to have echoed concern that having got in so much human loss in the then last period of 30 years ,SAD leadership need to work out political arrangements with BJP on Common Minimum Programme basis instead of blanket offer to be on their side without seeking safety – guarantee from them in the coming times .This was exploited & utilized by motivated political colleagues to be an ‘ANTI PARTY’ statement, inviting disciplinary action against him.

The political friends of Sh Wadala changed their path of personal political journey preferring immediate benefits & left him in the then forth coming days .Sh Wadala (Sr) when left at midnight for Jallandhar ,expressed in the presence of undersigned to his relative ,’Samundri Sahib ,I know very well that I will be M.L.A ,Minister for the coming election programme but unable to convince my conscious that what is there in my statement to be taken back ,hence will prefer to get isolated than to be compromising may conscious call, which may tantamount to surrender before BJP ,hence remained in cool times since then to date. Sikh Ethos developed over a period of times are in the spirit & value teachings not for LIFE TODAY but for CONDUCT OF LIFE by leaving sound foundations for future generations ,which happens to be different than rest of India who always preferred to prioritize LIFE TODAY objectives at every kind of compromises .

The news in H.T. on page 3 for 3/8/13 printed is relating to the difficulties compounded by Sh Modi in pursuance of his personal agenda to appease Hindu Diaspora not by giving them comfortable life necessities but by disturbing – hurting all minorities including Sikhs & above that most actions appears to be an intentional one under his command .His Government, opposing to the relief given by Gujarat High Court to the Punjabi farmers ,he (Sh Modi) has Challenged decision before the Supreme court & working overnight to uproot /displace farmers from Kutch area who moved to that place a couple of decades back from Haryana & Punjab locations .

What MESSAGE emerges out now is just in confirmation of the apprehensions – worries echoed by Srd Wadala & actions on record is for just one state controlled by SAD partner reflecting that the SIKHS are not partner but a commodity in the hands of HINDU -INDIA .The Congress earlier 1947 – 1995 displayed what is the place for Sikhs in New India & now BJP samples are being written with bold letters on the Indian walls .The internal competitiveness among Sikh leadership is that who becomes close to Delhi leadership, it may be for Congress or BJP but they will do every thing to kill /downplay sincere VISION of co Punjabi by total surrender before them ,now having crippled own state & brought PUNJAB to its knees permanently .The chronic disease Punjabi leadership has caught up for self help/growth/survival /richness and having sold out conscious permanently will BRING serious damaging results to the SIKH IDENTITY not only who are living in INDIA but without exception to those living in Punjab .Only option left is for the specific community prayer before WAHEGURU to regenerate sacrificing spirit among SIKH LEADERSHIP to encounter CHALLENGES for their own community survivals.

The Sikhs did enough for Hindus or others who were humanly exploited in the past but now call is for their self respectful survivals which may best be possible by SAD by moving away from policy of SURRENDER to alternative arrangements for COMMON MINIMUM PROGRAMME dealing with all including present generation of Congress leaderships .The time Is not for symbolic appeals by Sh P.S.Badal , Sh Makkar seeking sympathies, but to see the blatant display of inner spirit agenda of BJP through Sh Modi made for minorities without exception to SIKHS ! SAD may need to move forward to stand on its own feet, which may involve Challenging wrong – illegal – exploitative actions of political partner party, represented by Sh Narendra Modi , PRESENT & FUTURE FACE OF BJP. SAD must prioritize safety now or never for their own natural cadre than for own further individual political achievements?

Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122

Updated: July 8, 2014 — 1:17 am