Liberal Financial support needed to debt ridden farming class of Punjab

Nazaria -38 Article Posted on: 2014-05-27
Punjab expects from Modi Govt. a healing touch to wounded psyche!


SIKANDAR also titled GREAT was an Indian substitute name to actual Alexander for King of Macedon- Greece, in 336 BC. He, in continuity for successful war invasions inculcated dream for having Godly Powers, while controlling largest geographical territories, including many Asian one under SWORD POWER. His life journey incidentally provided many a VALUE STATEMENTS to humanity which is not connected for the reasons of fast global life schedules. During one of his encounters with saintly spiritual personalities, the invader confined inner desire to win whole of the world before he takes final rest. The arrogance with times for authority triggered explanatory dialogue with saintly Faquirs who did not felt urge bowing before him during a passing out ceremonial procession. The young king on intellectual debate in turn understood logistics for complexities of real life that serious conflict or war invasions on other country civilizations are not only best way winning heart of people. He though lived just to the age for 33 but willed his advisers and officers to keep both of his hands open after his death during funeral procession, messaging humanity that “in this world, every one irrespective to position held comes to life empty hand & exit also empty handed ”. Thus, he shared life experience with the world that when everything has to be left behind in the world, then why to construct humanly troubles for others and to target collecting abnormal wealth asset & other worldly comforts.
PUNJAB life history has hundreds thousands of such judgment sharing identical chapters. The state being part of Indian platform emerged as distinct cultural identity along with other few states such as; BENGAL, CENTRAL INDIA, TAMIL, ANDHRA, ODISSA etc. They all brought out own flavor of Ethics and styles for living. The FACE of Punjab & Bengal played special frontal role on GOVERNANCE for pre & post BRITISH ERA. British managed principal operative systems based on continuity for respect for institutional traditions & Governed largest GLOBAL territories. They brought out one of the strongest Prime Ministers, namely Mr Churchill, who took extra interest navigating Governing policies for the then Indian colonial regime during World war – II. He reportedly based on his experience, opposed the IDEA on facilitating complete freedom to the Indian subjects & territories. He unfortunately further expressed views in strong language in regard to his personal belief that the majority Indian subjects got inbuilt personality being extra selfish in nature and exploitative of humanity for personal wealth or shine based on economics, caste, cultures etc. Mr Modi got contents potential proving observation redundant under in new Era.
INDIA, despite aforesaid judgmental views, purposefully allowed Indian sea of humanity for ethnically different cultures, languages, ethos to float together by virtue of the decisions constructed between1945-50. Indian model Constitution was assembled by incorporating a variety of Law statues, rule & regulations originally built by East India for Colonial controls. The prevalent certain feature for different economics, races & environments of the world were also incorporated for one platform. The resultant, Indian Republic stood positioned to witness life journey based on amalgamated rule book for the country between 1945 to date for 2014. The foundation for the new India unfortunately was got laid with unethical, unprincipled butchering of large size innocent humanity, primarily related to most active – vibrant cultures for Punjab, Bengal & partially belonging to Central India. The RED FORT, thus got birth history with bad OMEN for circumstances by getting pushed declarations for new IDENTITY, a year or two earlier than the master plan in store for British. Thus, New Delhi otherwise saw a number of governing priority Models in between 1947 to 2014, anchored by respective Prime Ministers of times.
The INDIAN ELECTIONS 2014 contested differently under leadership for ardent son of Gujarat Land, which earlier gave services for a Hindu reformist in Pandit Mool Shankar Tiwari (1824-1883) allies famed Swamy Daya Nand. One of the significant reformist positions taken by him was for denouncement on the practice in idolatry and ritualistic worship prevalent in Hinduism. Sawmy ji on understanding history for exploitative conversions of local population to Muslim or Christianity brought out new platform named Árya Samaj’ in April 1875 from the then Bombay British Presidency’ times. The basic norms for innovative platform were already put in practice in 1499 by Founding father for Sikh way of life. The vibrant Gujarat province gave services for Sh. M.D.K.C. Gandhi(1869- 1948), Sh Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel (1875-11950) and then Mr Morarji Desai, educated initially in Saurashtra Gujarat, became C.M. Bombay & followed by chair of P.M. 1977-79. Now present in line for past has brought forward another son of Gujarat in Sh Narendra Damodar Das Modi, born on September 17th, 1950 anchored privilege to lead India with personalized Governance imprints. Thus, PUNJAB has genuine suspicion, based on above past Gujarat Model Leaderships who allowed complexities on Punjab dreams for denials on COMPREHENSIVE JUSTICE APPROACH. Mr Modi is credited for election success but expressed regrets having not served in Indian freedom struggles for the reasons of his birth after liberation. The statement may not legitimatize Gujarat to ignor Punjab history for martyrdom. The modern visual happy & hyper Media, in follow up for the presentation of the swearing in event, brought out comparative pictures on PAST & FUTURES, constructing many a imaginative illusions on new team for Indian Governance.
PUNJAB VOTING 2014, also being part of the Republic systems went through its own model for DIFFICULT CHALLENGES on voting pulse for new house of Indian Parliament. The calculative risk emerged in the background of continuity for the state Governance under current team. Punjabis, despite many alleged commercial nature allurements kept up civilized spark, maintaining own identity in line with crucial past events of history. Many an interesting TWIST & TURNS along with distinct flavours of “KHUND CHARCHA” i.e. “CORNER STREET TALK” surfaced! One of the few introspective questioner emerged from Amritsar- Punjab was that, “HAD ALL AKALI –B.J.P. NOMINEES BEEN ELECTED, UNDESIRED (FALSE) CREDIT OVER VICTORY may have been posted to MODI WAVE. Punjabi civilization is yet to reconstruct post 1947 natural connect with such an illusion in the background when most sons of Gujarat soil in past politics allegedly deprived legitimate dues for Punjab!”.India in New Delhi through Mr Arun Jaitley for his first hand knowledge 2014 got opportunity compensating hurt psychologies on bringing life to Jinxed Missions on land Border Trade, Commercial utility for oldest International Air port along with other Business development chapters for Amritsar. Punjab technically was expected to take commercial viewpoint by electing senior B.J.P. nominee. But if MAJHA around Amritsar was to be that smart, clever or business minded, a variety of PUNJAB CRISES, invariably thrust upon them may have been avoided by surrender of illusion for self esteem before masters of RED FORT POLITICS. Unfortunately misjudgments over spade for spade Majha personality response in last couple of decades brought regular economical loss to Amritsar.
PUNJAB, therefore has responded uniquely but honesty, though partially for the reasons of generic contents in respective nominees at other places being; ‘age out – unproductive, fading relevance in current flow of Politics’ – ‘air droppings for none state residents’, ‘state anti incumbency’, ‘presence of drug Trade’- ‘Law & Order challenges, civil life insecurities, especially to women subjects, unemployment, corruptions & so and so on. The other talk in corridors of state is that Bengal, Tamil Nadu & many other none Hindi state cultures displayed identical results for the Punjab. A senior B.J.P. leadership representing neighborhood, technically competing and eating out revenue opportunities of Punjab is shifting blame by denigrating most important proven brave class of India for non selections to their core leader, who in actual lost being incorrect positioning. The conscious worried mind of PUNJAB stood demeaned on representative induction for one Ministerial birth and that too with comparative week portfolio allotment for Food processing. The state may have Governing fault lines but do not deserve to be dealt in similar fashion like that of CONGRESS CORPORATE cultures cultivated to date.
The MEDIA OWNED & CONTROLLED by Hindi majority subject corporate groups, portrayed election scoop that proportionate Ministerial representation to Punjab state to Akali party simply qualifies in accordance with number for M.P.’s representing B.J.P.-AKALI combine, which is totally based on incorrect political fundamentals. Therefore, marketed slogan for largest Democracy secularism may get further blurred and diluted by preferring proportionate right than to for assured right for partner ruling Indian minority. The Akali Dal is representative party for aspirations of SIKH Diaspora and having earned place after total history of Indian martyrdom. Thus Akalis are not just another political group of India but is an Institution. The Ministerial number game for Sikh representation in Indian GOVERNANCE inadvertently reconfirmed old conduct and message of RED FORT. The other two important minorities like Muslim & Christianity also getting in cold feet looking forward to be trusted adequately by better representation in the team 2014.
PUNJAB MISSION statement bring out an appeal that under developing India 2014, for the reasons & evidence above ELECTIONS & SELECTIONS are neither first nor the last one, for authorization on adjudications for executive operations for different states of the country. INDIA, now wishfully is likely to be taking flight for “JOURNEY BEING A COUNTRY TO TURN IN A NATIONS” shortly. The strong headed personality in Mr Modi ultimately succeeded for individualistic shine and may continue preferring journey for development on single track bets by creating & executing challenges for complete success or failures. PUNJAB HERITAGE & EDUCATION FOUNDATION, along with & millions other Indians, keeping personal like / dislikes at distance for a while, may like to sincerely wish best of Luck to new leadership and his team, seeking facilitation for new developmental Projects in Punjab, being border state of the country. We being N.G.O. also wish to appeal for adequate financial support to Punjab state, for the reasons of ongoing crises affecting Farming community. Punjab Farming created highest agricultural productivity records to feed the population of the country. The above historical narratives being shared are in genuine prospective to limit Governing arrogance symptoms, these all being a natural part of democratic tenure KINGSHIP for secular INDIA!
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122
Updated: August 8, 2014 — 9:55 am