Why intervention of UN in circumstances leading to unfortunate Blue Star Operation?

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Sikh ethos portray true Indianness: A proved historical fact.




The MEDIA through news papers & T.V. Channels brought out revisit to 1984history composed by many eminent like; Srd Kanwar Sandhu, Mr Gurbachan Jagat, Mr Harcharan Bains, Srd. Jagtar Singh and anchoring on T.V. visuals. They sketched out polished memories for injurious wounds given to Sikh Identity, connecting remembrance for Attack on most revered place in the world, particularly for SIKH community i.e. Darbar Sahib. A former Top cop shared an interesting knowledge through his write up in H.T. He otherwise very experienced Police officer but also known to have been part of management for many undercover Indian Missions carried during respective Governments for his job tenures with J&K, Punjab and G.O. India. His ground assessment having been ignored resulted in human loss but both Gen Dayal & Mr Jagat were aware of OBJECTIVES IN TOTALITY behind construction for planned actions, hence such revelations may hold relevance in conformity for designs made to teach lesson to Sikh community. The contents throw light on strong belief cultivated by the than Chief of Western Command Mr Dayal, without adequate knowledge ,who displayed over confidence in organizing clearance of physical hurdles laid inside Darbar Sahib Unfortunately, his poor intelligence contributed for a flop show along with creation of new history for unaccountable loss of face to SIKH COMMUNITY.
Mr Harcharan Bains, through another write-up with cocktail of realities and diplomatic composition conveys wishful thinking, based on normal peaceful human desires. His views may not help people for any ground directions in the absence of specific message intended to be shared with the community. Srd Kanwar Sandhu, Eminent journalist also brought out event in actual sequence but he too skipped KEY information, maintaining silence on critical area evidence for certain realities taken place on behalf of the TASK ASSIGNMENTS by state apparatus for those times. Srd Jagtar Singh, a seasoned journalist has also pictured his knowledge on the subject through net. Thus most journalistic fraternity took almost common ritual path, despite so many recent disclosures in last 30 years. Unfortunately no one talked on why Defense forces, by virtue of its title, meant to DEFEND natives and designed for OFFENSIVE actions to bulldoze own citizens by positioning as of dealing with enemy country for offensives in more than 50 Gurdawara locations of Punjab in June 1984!

The design & executions for 1984 Political Goals were known to have been carried on to the plans prepared under Umbrella for Might of Red Fort. One of the major aspects for unknown reasons stood ignored is the silence on SOURCE OF ARMS & AMMUNITION having marking & serial numbers on them, were allowed to enter in the residential locations around premises of Shri Darbar Sahib. A very senior officer in light mood once hinted with slip of his tongue confided how Arms supplies made to reach near Darbar Sahib, He disclosed to his assessment that the impression was dramatized by bringing in Muslim name actors on scene to have been represented by neighbor country. The Arms reaching Darbar Sahib originated from some strategic manufacturer and dealers in certain Indian areas of the land which further were provided safe passage for transportation to the destination Amritsar in Punjab.

The entry of those Arms & Ammunition was not a happening in a single day but over a period of days-weeks-months prior to final assault in June 1984. It is further a matter of common public understanding that District Police having not intercepted Arms & Ammunition consignment on route for periphery of Darbar Sahib. Mr Jarnail Singh was portrayed a picture that Arms supplies are coming from across the border with tactical consent of Pakistan Government! The undercover actors enacted drama by introducing faked Muslim names allegedly positioned as handlers, supporting cause of Sikhs. Pakistan despite knowing the drams being enacted, also kept silence so as to allow weakening of Sikhs for future superiority on Punjab for the event of future border Conflicts.
Thus, most of the Arms deliveries in reality identifiable were allegedly shaped by undercover actors of the agencies controlled by N. Delhi. Srd Jarnail Singh famed as Bhindranwale himself was allegedly were surrounded by dozens of intelligence and counter intelligence Indian & Foreign actors. The history or enactments of these episodes in nutshell, stood proved to have been in continuity of designs created by Pandit Nehru to Mrs Gandhi & Mr Rajiv heritage venom for Sikh Diaspora, wining Parliament Elections using Sikh Diaspora as Politics fodder for over all acts repeated on real life Screen between 1st to 6th June along with fall out for other tragedies. Therefore, unfortunate part of “30th Anniversary Tragic Remembrance period for June 2014” is that most anchor intellectuals talked about periphery information but none has touched ground contents for unbundling above angles to bring out formal information for the times of KAPOORI MORCHA TO OPERATION BLACK THUNDER events through SIT so as to allow public to have authenticated knowledge before closing 1984 chapters by reality lessons on Governance.
The H.T. incidentally through articles titled,” Heritage reduced to a Lesson in History” had at least one detail for loss of literature documentation wealth inventory reference but none TV Channel talked for losses. The news paper at least mentioned the loss not yet accounted for ,”20,000 Books, 200 rare texts, 500 Manuscripts related to Gurus ,Sikh traditions ,20 Birs of Guru Granth Sahib , 160 copies of Hukamnamas, 18 volumes of paintings, 250 Rare paintings. Punjab AAM population wonders that why they agree to appear before such TV Channels who do not allow them to express to the asked questions. PUNJAB natives have been shown their actual position as if they are not owner partner of individual legitimacy in the state and none Sikh subjects living in other India are real owners and Sikhs are just tenants – tillers who after getting uprooted from other Punjab accepted resettling on new present lands.
Similarly, the TV Channels anchored programme on above by Head Lines TODAY brought President D.G.P.C., Srd Kanwar Sandhu and others, inviting response from them for happenings & history closers for June 1984 without connecting Oct 1984 Sikh Massacres. Many a views expressed by Srd Kanwar Sandhu hold KEY to settle the subject if establishment genuinely desires, although the anchor remained evasive to carry forward the responses given by Sh Sandhu.
The TV ANCHOR for TIMES NOW, through traditional hyper sensitive Anchor, Mr Goswamy, known for not allowing voice opportunity to the Guest Views also brought incidence for (unfortunate) happenings for remembrance of 30th Indian Army Attack on Darbar Sahib on 6th June 2014.The participants interestingly were such as Mr Khan representing Army & Muslim community to Punjab impression, Mr S.P. Jain represented by BJP- Hindus, Mr Gurpreet Singh for a N.G.O., Mr Grewal & Mr Manjeet Singh G.K., S.A. Dal & D.G.P.C. respectively. The ANCHOR in most immature anxieties repetitively insisted seeking answer from Sikh panelist to his irrelevant question,” Was Bhindrawale a Terrorist?” One wonders in Punjab that after 30 years, India collectively failed to seek comprehensive investigations to the official conformity to actual political designs made and executed, followed by inclusion for buried parts of story behind murder for Prime Minister. India also forgot seeking answer to one of the most ticklish KEY QUESTION that, When Mrs I.G. was shot at and Srd Beant Singh having surrendered and taken to guard room, why he was shot at and who wanted real link options closed?
Anyway, Mr Goswamy shouted even higher than his usual voice Anchoring Event connected with 6th June while bringing in story for unfortunate incidence shaped at Shri Darbar Sahib. His tone to ask questions was threatening, corrosive and insulting to natural Sikh Human rights. Srd Manjit Singh G.K. was able to respond appropriately to facts of the case but was not being believed for advancement of angle of discussions. Srd Grewal representing S.A.D. was being bullied and at times threatened by anchor with hidden MIGHT of cultivated strength for new HINDU platform, May 2014. The N.G.O. representative was not being allowed to express in response to the questions put to him. Some Mr Khan hired to represent Muslim Diaspora appeared to provide moral support to the anchor was not well versed with Sikh Ethos. He was trying to speak like many a Sikhs in Hindu BJP or Muslim & Christian exploited out of their employments on similar Hindu platforms.
The SIKH STORY TODAY is that MEDIA continue acting on old traditions carrying thoughts of other India, the basis which partially contributed providing platform for the happening at Shri Darbar Sahib in June 1984. Media instead of supporting removal Cause for irritants & distrust of minorities is targeting already hurt psychologies for SIKHS, seeking certification of their honesty for being Indian, despite end number martyrdom of them, desiring permission from Red Fort on pleading to Global statuary bodies in adjudication for history of INJUSTICE. The past has not yet been taken in solemnest manner by the Sikh community who are desired to look in for SAFEGUARD PROTECTIVE ACTION, avoiding repetition for 1984 like TRAP incidences for community earlier used as FODDER or DEFENDER to die on borders or starved on farm. The leaders like Srd S.S. Mann have not been elected by Majha II constituency during elections 2014. He was expected to avoid taking political platform by force at Akal Takhat Sahib on 6th June, when not being facilitated by officials as per brief to them. India having taught lesson to SIKHS between 1945-2014, must display maturity that they got message on understanding in between desires of newly consolidated platform representing majority. The spirit of title in H.T. for 6th, June 2014, must be taken forward as old Challenge brought in new shape by new Indian Governance- old Coin with other invisible side of HINDU Congress to now visible HINDU B.J.P. challenges to safeguarding Sikh Community post 2014?
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation.
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