On Vandalism in Visakhapatnam

Nazaria -16 Article Posted on : 2013-10-07
Damage to Gods’ place (Sikh Gurudwara) – sample Reflector
For a larger Future Picture, conveying war on human minds?


The incidence for disrespect brought to religious places, especially to the one belongs to the believers for SIKH faith, when happens in western /European /Middle East countries ,may be understandable but difficult to be understood when happening on Indian Land .The answer to the difficulties get solved so some extent, when Punjab introspect reasons, apart from questioning efficiency of S.G.P.C. ,who may be alleged having not educated enough to co citizens on pro humanity fundamentals of SIKHISM .The S.G.P.C. alone may not get blame in the background when our country – India took so many test through Sikh martyrdom, sincerity proved beyond doubts for 1947 decision .The historical actions also speak louder and do not allow dust to stand on real picture for the VALUES supported by Sikh Diaspora in last Five centuries .

The Sikh faith encourages humanity to conduct respective lives with absolute independence for individual selections for Path on Journey to life. The ideological support is not an overnight political claim but real picture for well considered, experiments of life for Ten GURUS, lived through human life period relating to about 200 years, with next follow up by the faith believers during a period of another 300 years for past human Sikh journey .Therefore the support of Sikh Diaspora for survivals with natural human rights, involving selection of a religious faith stood proved during the history of last 500 years, especially for immediate 100 years, between 1900 to 1947 -1999. Punjab stood with every underprivileged, unattended, weaker segment of humanity, without distinction of language, race, religion in the follow up for the teachings of GURU Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh, enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib.
The research scholars for the Punjab history diagnosed genesis of problem relating to continued distrust in Sikhs, despite unparalleled contributions for present form of New India. The opinion emerged by April 1999, identified that it all has been to deprive Punjab, especially SIKHS from legitimate privileges till people of other states equalize in economics with them. The condition is similar to erasing bigger line or increasing length of small one, New India opted to first one and continues designs in this direction, agitating Punjab. New India has been favoring other India with blatant display of DISHONESTY in each respect ; may be depriving controls over natural waters ,implementing land ceiling limits ,encouraging neighbor states adopting law to discourage purchase of land by Punjabis, keeping Punjabi speaking area out of state- though it may have reduced Sikh population percentage ,not handing over charge for its Capital using divide & rule policy inherited form British ,limiting recruitment in Army on population bases ,non supportive policies to agriculture sector , non development of international air port at Amritsar, non development in border district etc. Above that Delhi for the recent times has not been providing enough co operations for financial assistance to the state not being ruled by congress.
When Sikhs write to President of U.S.A. or P.M. for U.K. to safeguard Sikhs against any racial attacks, India generally speak together supporting for the approach during international difficulties. But unfortunately, the co citizens of Punjab other than SIKHS fail to stand for spontaneous support when Sikhs or their Gurudwaras are being put to disrespect and loss .The respected Prime Minister represents Sikh faith and has not displayed concern out of ritual box for the damage brought at Vashakha patnam in Andhra Pradesh. He may have questioned the C.M. for the state asking how & why Andhra hurt religious place without fear, which was technically removed in 1984 by the party, he represents for chair occupied.
The damage for one or two religious places may not worry SIKHS but the bigger concern or seriousness lies in between for future safeguards. How & why India failed to educate other India through its literature, publicity what the SIKH RELIGION is and what has been the history for them protecting humanity during all the times in the history for 500 years .Unfortunately, it could not happen during last 9 years for the tenure of a Sikh Prime Minister,it may never happen till neighbor countries exploit approach of Delhi, confusing Punjab being ill-treated. The writings otherwise are on walls for scope of exploitations with reasonably valid logistics by the unfriendly powers, forcing for the REPOSITIONING by SIKH DIASPORA to find measures at their own for self protections. Hope against hope that INDIA take a call to print literature immediately, educating present & future generations of other India, sharing history for usefulness to remain friendly with Sikhs, who are proven protectors of humanity .
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation.
gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.co. Cell 9876122122
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