MERIT in statement of Azam Khan ?

Nazaria – 34 Article Posted on : 2014-04-09 Recalling Heroic role of Indian Muslims in victory for Kargil operation-getting in designed burial under unbalanced MEDIA WAR CRY? The country having so many names, like India – Bharat –Hindustan has also allowed opportunity for confusion in almost every Management Operations for the country. The election season […]

PUNJAB through AMRITSAR- the Holy city election challenges 2014?

Nazaria – 33, Article Posted on : 2014-03-30 Electorates’ faced CROSS ROAD options VOTING to IDEOLOGY or favoring OPPOSITION BENCHES or for new GOVERNANCE team? The emotions gathered from Punjab were earlier brought out on on 20/03/14, titled;”Imaginative POLITICS on HOLY CITIES” by the Foundation, are desirable to connect for complete understanding the subject. […]

Imaginative POLITICS on HOLY BANARAS/ AMRITSAR CITIES -& post 2014 election inbuilt CHALLENGES for INTERFAITH CONDUCT Managements !

Nazaria – 32. Article Posted on: 2014-03-20 The elections 2014 have brought out an interesting situation! Imaginative POLITICS on HOLY CITIES; BANARAS & AMRITSAR while projecting them future religious Flagship opportunities after 2014, may carry on inbuilt CHALLENGES for INTERFAITH CONDUCT Managements !  HOLY CITIES: The MEDIA anchored discussions searching hidden motives on specific choice […]

Need of institutionalizing remembrance of National Heroes!

Nazaria -31  Article Posted on : 2014-03-14 Balancing Journalistic POLITICS when BRITISH alleged to denigrate Indian national heroes by calling them ‘terrorists’ to their records? The leaders representing non Governance cadre for a society, during a specific time period, invariably turn out to be natural heroes for commoners. The Mother Nature has inbuilt cycle of […]

Role of conventional labour in national development!

Article on Nazaria -30 Conventional LABOUR is not limited to Foundries but playing major role in all Service Sectors soliciting state Concern for restructuring Policies? The Mechanism for higher business PROFITS by avoiding implications for E.P.F./Bonus or other benefits to a worker by using Politics end up marginalizing British modeled Labour Wage Act. The application […]

“Truth Alone Triumphs” Challenges in practice for Satyameva Jayate”

 The solemn EMBLEM OATH on absolute TRUTH in GOVERNING CONDUCT for united India confined to I.C.U. The truthfulness captivated in EVIDENCE structures also lost in the games of constitutional SOP’s in post British Republic- Remodeling must for healthy & longer life of the country!   Satyameva Jayate,”Truth Alone Triumphs”  Republic of India, 26 January 1950 […]

Punjab burden of problems in reality may continue ?

Nazaria -28 Article posted on : 2014-01-26 Irrespective to intellectual national academic debates on ‘communal ism  in politics for governance on elections – 2014’. Genuineness may prove true for conformity to common man’s statement on Punjab affairs: “Bhandaa Bhandaria –Kinnaa Ku Bhar, Ikk Pand Chuk Lai – Duji Tiar” Business houses owned modern media are […]

AAP gives ray of hope for corruption-free Governance

Nazaria -27 Article Posted on: 2014-01-14 Common man is fed up with anti-people policies of Congress & BJP!   AAM:  Aadmi party is likely to be facing difficulties in identifying welfare action agendas while segregating different economic social segments .The name AAP itself invite an academic interest in finding out who in real sense could […]

PM Manmohan Singh when broke his silence with salvo on Modi

Enhanced significance of Sikh faith at Global level Punjab may invent hidden greatness, non marketed qualities in Srd Manmohan Singh who otherwise could not prioritize development for home state neither justice for 1984 massacres, though instrument ensuring safety benefits from internal/external state borders for them during one decade? History made, written & read out by […]

Mandela – Gandhi ideological relations in context of Sikh charter of Life invites Introspective view on Indian Apartheid model

Nazaria -25 Article Posted on : 2013-12-09 Common ideological beliefs with Sikh philosophy connects Mandela with Punjab Apartheid and Mandela turned synonymous to each other. Anti apartheid launch pad electrified by South African political leader Mr Mandela stood silenced on December 5th 2013.The demised leader carried on consistent struggles; ensuring withdrawal for discriminatory legislation containing […]

-Live in relationship, Legalized Prostitution, Legitimacy for Gay sex, all such issues need to be addressed by Parliament in collective conscious than to piecemeal

Nazaria -24 Article Posted on: 2013-12-12 Time to Un-Taboo the talks by Parliament   A small (fraction) segment of new India 1947 make country was jubilant over Delhi High court judgment delivered in their favor which now has been turned down by Supreme Court. Important & influential members of society directly or indirectly displayed belated […]

Indian Media – Public Trial Succeeded in to play for Global gallery in context of ‘AARUSHI VERDICT’ declarations: ‘PARENTS KILLED HER’

Nazaria – 23 Article Posted on : 2013-11-27 Many aspects over parallel media probe and its outcomes in Aarushi Case The Natives for Indian states journeyed through various historical conditions including the period for Tribal life but now addressed as past / present cultures, controlled by a variety of rules written in one common statue […]

Being India Unable to identify – be a State, Country or a Nation State?

Nazaria -21 Media invariably refers India as a country and at certain occasions a Nation country or a Nation State in context of construction for news. The concept differentiation has never been brought forward before citizens since Exit for British Managers who were controlling a group of geographical territories located in South East Asia. The […]

Redefining roles in making (None) Secular India 1947!

Nazaria -20 Article Posted on: 2013-11-02 War of succession to steal Blood bathed Punjab partition legacy graves –by children of (Sardar) Pandit V. J.Patel, Nehru, and Gandhi…..   India, pre 1947, definitely had different value calendar for the society, allowing each other enough space to practice individual faith without much fear or challenges. The British […]