Questioning Autonomous Value for PUNJAB, interpreting the spirit for adviser employee Arch. Corbusier on Future for their Chandigarh & need based periphery developments?

Nazaria -17 Article Posted on : 2013-10-12 Adjudication alleged Seriousness ‘Tata Camelot Project’ v/s unchallenged other settlements on the face of PUNJAB The news appeared on a National paper, local pull out on, Oct 8th, 2013 referring that “SC halts Tata Camelot project”, conveying (temporary) victory for an individual contestant party v/s large beneficiaries of […]

On Vandalism in Visakhapatnam

Nazaria -16 Article Posted on : 2013-10-07 Damage to Gods’ place (Sikh Gurudwara) – sample Reflector For a larger Future Picture, conveying war on human minds?   The incidence for disrespect brought to religious places, especially to the one belongs to the believers for SIKH faith, when happens in western /European /Middle East countries ,may […]

After Punjab Tourism WEEK –Sept 2013

Nazaria -15 Article Posted on : 2013-10-05 Punjab Tourism projects needs a new push: Changes desired in approach to Fundamentals. Northern sister states, such as Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Rajasthan, J&K carried on ritual exercise celebrating Tourism week with respective models in their state capitals. Punjab Tourism otherwise remained derailed for a number of years during […]

On Gandhi jayanti -Difficulties encountered by PUNJAB !

Difficulties encountered by PUNJAB in identification for a single positive contribution for them by a step father of Punjab & father of other India, birthed on 2nd Oct? The readers, especially Punjabis, who are simpler in future way of thinking process in life, fail to go out of box and continue life with philosophy, believing […]

Scope in improvements for Services to Legal Consumer segment

Nazaria -13 Articles Posted on: 2013-09-26 Lawful – Lip sympathy to Litigant constituency – an opportunity to affect change in the mind set of Judicial System Operations!   “Litigation today has become for the RICH and by the RICH” a news paper wrote in context of the statement made by Union Law Minister during his […]

Killing of 5 Indian Army Jawans on LoC & outstretched media role

Nazaria -8 Article Posted on: 2013-08-09 Killing of 5 Indian Army Jawans in unprovoked firing by Pak Army at LoC. Unfortunate Human loss over mutual mistrust between political leaders for India & Pakistan It was reported from Srinagar/New Delhi: that In a provocative attack, a group of 20 heavily armed men led by Pakistani troops […]

Dangerous counterproductive Politics Separatist symptoms on ‘108’ Ambulance by Central Govt.?Article Posted on : 2013-07-06

India is known to have taken birth with emergency surgery handled by Ayurvedic surgeons comprising Sriman Nehru, powerful lady Edwina Mountbatten, Sh M.A. Jinnah, though administratively anchored by two Gujarat native politicians Sriman MCKC Gandhi and Sh Patel. India from day one after the exit by British continues to struggle getting in basic grade for […]

Reaction on Kahan Singh Pannu case Desirability… burial for unforgivable hurt to Punjab I.A.S. officer in Uttrakhand: Article Posted on : 2013-06-28

Reaction on Kahan Singh Pannu case Desirability… burial for unforgivable hurt to Punjab I.A.S. officer in Uttrakhand The INCIDENT referred above happens to be directly in the public domain which indicates development of unique, but unhealthy bench mark, for degradation of public morality standards & Gurus’ Sikhs are not now exception for such compromises. The […]

OPEN LETTER SUBMITED TO Hon’ble Minister for Forest, G.O. Punjab by P.H.E.Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                                          General   Secretary                                                       Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation Hon’ble Minister for Forest, G.O. Punjab. The Mission Green Punjab taken up on initiative of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Punjab, with your […]

MISSION Greening Punjab …How & how not?Article Posted on : 2013-05-21

The Chief Minister, Punjab, recently made a Challenging declaration for plantation of Five Crs tree sampling each year, regularly for consecutive Eight years time, thus resulting in plantation for FORTY Crs, through Forest section of the state! The mix variety Forest plants, considering an average 400 plantation on each plot, may require Ten Lakh acres […]